Upton Noble

C of E VC Primary School

Part of the East Somerset Federation which includes Bruton and Ditcheat Primary Schools

Parent Overview

Alpacas and donkeys were brought into school for Acorn class and we got to see them!

We learnt about different ceramic artists and clay techniques. This helped us to create a low relief clay tile of a natural landscape.

We looked at architecture during Art. We created prints and sketches of buildings from different perspectives.

We had an Ancient Egyptian day, where we arrived with fantastic costumes and took part in a range of activities including making death masks, eating traditional food and doing a scavenger hunt. We learnt lots about Ancient Egypt!

To help us with our explanation text about mummification, we mummified tomatoes. We even pulled the 'brain' out with a hook and removed the 'organs' with obsidian!

We explored hydroelectricity and dams, and debated on whether a dam should be built in Somerset

We created a river with sand, then used our water bottles to explore erosion and deposition.

We used fabric to replicate grass and a table to replicate a road. We then flooded both surfaces and observed which one flooded the most!

We recapped place value, before adding, subtracting, ordering and comparing decimals.

We explored negative numbers by using a thermometer in icy water, by plotting the distance of animals above and below sea level (and by showing this with a Lego tower).

We used Multilink to help us to better understand volume.

We practically explored length, volume and mass.

We explored the life cycle of amphibians, insects, mammals and birds. During this, we dissected eggs!

We explored the work of influential scientists, including the chimpanzee expert, Jane Goodall.