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C of E VC Primary School

Part of the East Somerset Federation which includes Bruton Primary School

Willow - Year 2

Willow Class

Welcome to our class page. It is intended to give you an insight in to all the fantastic things that we will doing in Willow this term, as well as to give you some more specific information about our class. 

In Willow you will find teachers Mrs Hamilton (Monday to Thursday) and Mrs Chandler (Friday) and LSA Miss Cook (every day). 


Our topic for the term is 'Wish we were here!'. Please look at the curriculum overview  below to find out what the children will be learning, exploring and discovering.


Homework will be linked to either English or Quest or will be practising an area of the maths curriculum linked to our learning in class. It will be set on a Thursday and will be due in on the following Monday. It will be set on google classroom which your children will be able to access at home. It can also be handed in here to minimise what is coming into school. 


We use Spelling Shed to practise our spellings. A spelling list will be put on Spelling Shed each Monday and there will be a copy of the weekly spellings in the children's spelling folders. Spellings will then be tested at school the following Monday.


Reading books will come home daily, with the expectation that the children will read to an adult each night.


We have PE on a Wednesday and Thursday. Please could the children come to school in their PE kit on these days. I would suggest an extra layer might be advisable, as we will be outside as much as possible. Children also need to bring a coat to school with them each day, as we will aim to be outside for break come rain or shine.


If you need to contact me this term, please use my class e-mail, willow@eastsomersetfederation.co.uk and I will be happy to answer any questions or queries.



Summer 2021

We have written our own poems based on ‘The Magic Box’ by Kit Wright.

An overview of our intended learning can be found below.

We had some amazing visitors at school today. They were very friendly!

We used the atlases to locate Japan and find some information about the country. We were amazed to learn that it is made up of nearly 7000 islands.

We have finally finished our models of the Lighthouse Keeper’s lighthouse and cottage. We are pretty pleased with them.

We all enjoyed our walk around the village today. No need for wellies as the weather has been so good.

In English this week we have been looking at newspaper reports. We had to find the 5 W’s; What?, Who?, When?, Where? and Why?

We loved our ‘Chance to Shine’ cricket session today. The wind and rain didn’t stop us from having a great time.

This afternoon we had fun designing and making the cottages and lighthouses from our story, The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.

In Computing, we used an exciting website to help us input data link to our “Wish you were here” topic.

Even in the rain, we got outside today to practise directions, using quarter turns and clockwise and anticlockwise to help us.

Our talk for writing text for this term is ‘ The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’. We tried to guess the story from a collection of clues and had fun making origami seagulls.

We enjoyed practising our spellings on the playground today.

We joined with Elm Class today to think about the Christian value, trust. We made obstacle courses and had to trust our partners to guide us through them safely.

Friendship was the focus for today. We thought about the qualities of a friend and what it means to be a good friend. Our word of the day was ‘loyal’. We decided that the most important quality in a friend is loyalty.


Today’s focus was on the Christian value ‘Love’. We discussed what we love, who we love and how we show our love. We then thought about how we show our love in school.

We mixed our own shade of orange using just red, yellow and white to add to the heart on our class canvas to illustrate the Christian value of love. Here is the finished piece.

Today we explored the Christian value ‘resilience’. We thought about the meaning of the word and what it looks like in our classroom. We then played some games to test our resilience.

Happy Easter Everybody.

Have a lovely holiday.

Spring 2021

We had a lovely afternoon creating our Easter cards in our outside classroom. We had to mix the primary colours to make the colours we needed for our eggs.
We came to school dressed in the colours of our school values on Comic Relief Day.
In our Quest lesson today we worked in pairs to order images to retell the story of Scott’s race to the South Pole.
We all enjoyed working in the outside extension to our classroom.
More fabulous art from Willow. 
Look at these fabulous self-portraits that the children have drawn. Can you guess who's who?
We have been learning about the continents of the world. Toby created this wonderful poster about South America.
​​​​​​Look at these fabulous Winter poems that the children created during their first week of home schooling.

Autumn 2020

        Happy Christmas from Willow Class.
It really feels like Christmas is here when we make our Christingles.
Today we had our Christmas lunch and it was delicious.
We had lots of fun at our Christmas Party.
We did an eggsperiment in Science to find out which material was the best for protecting an egg when it was dropped. We worked in groups and had to make sure that we carried out a fair test. Here are some photographs of us in action.

We had a fabulous morning with Knight Richard from the History Squad. We were able to see and touch real armour, weapons and shields. We built a Motte and Bailey Castle and learnt about how armies used to attack them. Richard told us some really interesting stories from the Medieval Period and he was able to answer all of our questions.

In Maths we have been subtracting two 2-digit numbers. We love using the dienes to help us.
We retold the story of Rapunzel in story circles and then enjoyed re-enacting it.

Rapunzel is our narrative text for this term. We are learning the story and had fun hot seating the characters today. 



In Maths we have used Dienes to help us to add two 2-digit numbers together.
We made a bonfire in Forest School. We enjoyed eating our snack around it and singing songs from the War.
We have made poppies to remember all those who have fought for us in different wars around the world.
Our half term challenge was to build a castle with a drawbridge that went up and down. The castle could be made out of any material. Here are some of our fabulous models.
Hetty visited two different castles during half term. It looks like she had lots of fun exploring them.
We made jam sandwiches to help us with our instructional writing.
This is how we made our sandwiches.
In Maths we have been checking calculations. We used bead strings and number lines to help us.
We used post-its to innovate our stories of Kassim and the Dragon.
We are making a story map of Kassim and the Dragon and are looking forward to innovating the story next week.
In English we have been learning the story of Kassim and the Ferocious Dragon. We had fun making the dragon's cave in Forest School. 
We are creating line drawings of sections of the Bayeux Tapestry.
Look at these fabulous collages of our planet that the children have made.
In Maths we have been working on place value.