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Maple - Year 6

Welcome to Maple Class!

In Maple you will find Mrs Baker and Mr Williams. 

This page is where you can hopefully find the information you need about what's going on in Maple.  It's also where we will share some photos and examples of what we have been up to.

Our topic for this term is South America and we will be finding out about the human and physical geography of the continent and comparing it to where we live.


Our PE days this term are Tuesday and Thursday so you need PE kit those days. 

On Tuesdays you will be doing outdoor learning with Miss Norris so you need to make sure you have suitable clothing and boots or a change of shoes.  On Thursdays you will be swimming, so make sure you have your swimming kit in school.


Homework will be set on Google Classroom.  You will be using Spelling Shed for practising spellings at home, and TT Rockstars to practise times tables.  I also expect you to read regularly - at least three times a week at home - and I'm looking forward to you sharing what you have been reading with us in school.


If you have any questions, you can use the form below to contact me.

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Maple Class Summer 1 overview

We had an amazing time at Wells Cathedral for our Moving Up Celebration, and then a picnic at the Bishop's Palace.

Today we had a DT day. We explored, designed, built, tested and evaluated doodlers - electrical products that draw on a piece of paper. We had to do a lot of 'tinkering' to work out the best way to build them and there were plenty of problems to fix in the designs. And it was really fun!

Look at our Doodlers go!

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Doodler 1

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Doodler 2

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Doodler 3

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Doodler 4

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Doodler 5

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We started off our new topic by mapping the countries and capital cities of South America.

Our waiscoats are finished - and they look amazing!

We're making waistcoats! We looked at some examples then designed our own. We've cut out our fabric and now we're sewing them together. We've also learned to sew on a button!

We had a great morning with Sam from the museum. We experienced a morning in a Victorian school. The Victorian teacher was quite intimidating and scary! Those if us who are left-handed had to write with our right hands and it was very different from modern school!

To kick off Children's Mental Health Week we set up our Zones of Regulation corner. We talked about identifying how we feel and what tools we could use when we are in each zone.

We drew pictures to show what we thought Syms was thinking at 2 different points in the chapter we read.

We made photomontages in art, thinking about how the different images would go together.

Practising our badminton racket skills in PE with a very competitve badminton cricket tournament!

In geography we practised our map skills using latitude and longitude to locate countries on a world map.

Maple autumn term overview - WW2

Today we took our science learning outside as we learned about how light travels to allow us to see things.

We found out about Save The Children's Christmas Jumper Day. We looked at lots of Christmas jumpers, decided what makes a good one and then designed our own!

We had fun building our Anderson shelter models this morning with the help of our parents and grandparents!

Some really amazing homework projects about our links to WW2 - well done everyone!

Look at our amazing blackout poems based on John McCrae's In Flanders Fields

We made posters to show what we have learned about the Battle of Britain

We have been thinking about our school motto - Let your light shine, Matthew 5:16. We drew pictures to represent the ways we can let our light shine

In year 6 we have some important jobs to do. Some are elected and others are chosen by application and interview. Well done to everyone who was successful!

Helping each other to edit and improve our writing in English

We're developing our skills in handball this term.

Democracy in action this morning as we elected our School Council representatives.

In French we have been learning how to describe items of clothing with Mrs Pritchard!

We had a brilliant time on our trip to Nothe Fort finding out what life was like for WW2 evacuees.

We thought about our inner and outer selves and made some self-portraits

Today in Maple we thought about the rights and responsibilities we have as part of our school community and we wrote our class charter.


Maple Class 2022-23

We're reading The Explorer by Katherine Rundell. Using details from the description in the book, we drew pictures of what we the mystery man looks like.

We have looked at the work of Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes and now we are designing our own pieces in a similar style

In RE we found out about the Jewish festival of Sukkot and had a go at building a sukkah outside

We finished off our South America topic by finding out about some South American foods and made our own salsa!

Our Joaquin Torres Garcia inspired art work is finished and it's AMAZING!

We created algorithms and code to turn the micro:bits into step counters!

This Christian Aid Week Maple have been thinking about ways we could make the world a fairer place. We had some great ideas - some we could do ourselves and others that we would want governments and organisations to work together on.

Maple have been super-fantastic this week and showed all our Christian values of Resilience, Respect, Honesty, Trust, Love and Friendship in SATs week. We are so proud of them all!

Work is underway on our Joaquin Torres Garcia inspired art works.

This afternoon Mrs Dunk led a whole class ELSA session for us. 

We thought about challenges we have faced in the past and how we got through them, to remind us that we can get through when things are tricky.  We thought about encouraging words that we can remember. 
She also taught us some strategies we can use when things feel a bit too big for us deal with.

In science we built circuits and explored what happened when we added extra bulbs or extra cells.

In computing we have been learning how to write programmes for the micro:bits. We made them into 'fortune tellers' that would give a yes, no or maybe answer.

WW2 Spring term overview

Lots of fun in Maple celebrating World Book Day.

Experimenting to show that light travels in straight lines.

In our first Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds activity for Children's Mental Health Week we were visited by Alice who helped us think about how emotions are expressed in art. Then we had a go at expressing our own emotions through colour and line.

We've been learning about the circulatory system in science this term.

In RE this afternoon we drew and retold the creation story from the Bible.

We've been reading The Tyger by William Blake. This is our own version of the poem that we wrote as a class trying to use the same structure.

In our class collective worship we looked at this term's Christian value of resilience. We talked about what we are going to do this year and how we will show resilience.

Building timelines in history to help us identify ways life in Britain changed during the Victorian period.

We played 4-in-a-row to help us practise adding and subtracting mixed numbers

We had a great morning when Sharon from Southwest Heritage came to teach us about Victorian childhood. We experienced a Victorian school and looked at phots and artefacts to learn about what life was like for children.

Our biome landscape paintings are finished. We painted the background with watercolours and added detail with acrylics and the finished pieces look brilliant.

In science we learned about Darwin's finches and explored how the shape of birds' beaks has evolved according to the food that is available for them to eat. We tried picking up different types of 'food' with different 'beaks' in the Battle of the Beaks!

In art, we've been working on the colour palettes needed for our biomes landscape paintings.

Look at Maple's Biome models - what amazing creativity!


Maple Class 2021-22

As part of Wellbeing Week we read the book Bottled by Tom Brassington and Joe Brassington. Then we drew our own bottles of emotions.

On our Christian Values afternoon this week we thought about trust. We read some Bible verses about trusting God and heard the story of Jesus calming the storm. We saw lots of paintings and pictures of Jesus calming the storm and then made our own.

Summer 2 Learning Overview

We rounded off our half term by preparing some South American food - chicken and salad wraps with our own salsa made from scratch. Delicious!

A very sporty week in Maple, with both cricket and tennis coaching sessions!

Celebrating a week of amazing work in Maple with a great game of rounders!

Some pretty impressive moving toys using cam mechanisms.

Kicking off our South America topic this term with some map work.

We love reading in the sunshine in Maple Class!

We took our PE lesson outside today - working on our upper body strength and fitness.

We have been investigating whether being taller means people have larger feet, hands or heads. We used all our science skills - asking questions, making observations and taking measurements, recording our data and drawing conclusions.

As part of our work in British Science Week we investigated whether it is possible to estimate a person's age by measuring their height.

Look at this amazing daisy chain - 5m 20cm long!

This afternoon we enjoyed a dance and movement workshop based on The Lorax by Dr Seuss

In science we observed and compared the features of different biscuits built cladograms to show the 'evolution' of biscuits.

Maple Class were great representatives of Upton Noble when we visited the Somerset Rural Life Museum to find out about life in Victorian times.

In Book Week, we read Once Upon A Tune by James Mayhew and focussed on The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Then we listened to The Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saens and made our own collages like the artwork James Mayhew created for the book.

We used drama and freeze frames to retell the story of the Sorcerer's Apprentice