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Maple - Year 6

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School closure artwork

100 great ideas to do indoors

100 great ideas to do indoors 1

TT Rockstars! Boys victorious with 15,537 and the girls scored 10,980. See if you were an MVP this week in the document below!



All home learning for next week has been posted on the class page further down. Be sure to check this page regularly and remember to send in your pictures to maple@eastsomersetfederation.co.uk


I hope you are all well.


Stay safe


Mr Oakes



Talent competition starts now!

Have you got a talent? Football skills, crossbar challenge, play a musical instrument, gymnastics, any other funny or wacky party tricks? Well our very own Maple talent competition starts now.

How do I enter?

Record yourself performing your talent and get your parents to send it to me by Friday 3rd April (this gives you plenty of time to practise!) on maple@eastsomersetfederation.co.uk On sending the video, please can parents consent whether you are happy for the video to be posted on the class page. I will then announce the winner shortly afterwards! 


NB: Make sure you stay at home and follow the government guidance. Be creative!


When you see this message, please can you get in touch using the contact Mr Oakes form above to let me know what you plan to do! I can't wait to see all of the videos! Spread the word and let your classmates know!


Stay safe.


Mr Oakes

Weekly home learning


Week beginning 30th March:

5 lots of Fast Five maths questions - one for each day of the week

Mental maths focus - multiply and divide by 10,100,1000 - 3 minute challenge - see how many you can get correct. Improve each day.


Multiply by

10: Move digits 1 place left   100: 2 places left    1000: 3 places left

Divide by

10: Move digits 1 place right   100: 2 places right    1000: 3 places right

TT Rockstars - Simple. All against all! Who will come out on top? I'll publish results next week!

Maths: Fractions - 4 worksheets, plus investigations and any helpful videos and additional content on mathswithparents.com (please remember to sign up)


Reading: Read everyday plus additional comprehensions


Writing: Planned outcome: A report on Rio de Janeiro. Could end up being a big custom made poster; could be a leaflet; could be a word processed piece.

Last week's work should have put you in a could place with your understanding Rio and you should have some great ideas ready. This week it is about putting it altogether!


Lesson 1: Practise writing introductions. Don't just settle with your first effort. Write a few and decide which is your favourite! We have done this several times already this year. Hook the reader. Use a couple of facts only as you want to hold plenty back. 


Here's mine:

Sugarloaf Mountain, Copacabana beach and Christ the Redeemer are some of the many famous landmarks which are synonymous with Rio De Janeiro. This magnificent city is one of the most remarkable and diverse in the world and is, simply put, breath taking.  Do you know the difference between the Selaron Steps and the Maracanã? No? Well read on and step in to a whole new world!


Rest of the week:

Put your report together. It's entirely up to you if you choose to do a first draft and edit before doing it in best. Alternatively, do it straight in best. Make it look brilliant!! Take your time!



I'll be posting links to 2 different art tutorials each week. Follow the instructions and send me a picture of your masterpieces to maple@eastsomersetfederation.co.uk

How-To Draw Stitch | Walt Disney World

Heather Worley from Animation Academy at Disney's Hollywood Studios shares a lesson in how to draw the trouble-making creature, Stitch. Send a picture of yours in once you've followed the step by step guide!

How to Draw Harry Potter Easy Chibi

Follow along to learn how to draw Harry Potter from J.K. Rowling book Harry Potter step by step. Send in your efforts!

EMA and Mental Maths week beginning 30/3/20

Fraction of amounts

Still image for this video

Finding the original

Still image for this video

Topic web - Spring

Welcome to Maple Class 2019-20


The topic in Maple class For terms 3 and 4 will be South America and this will provide the stimulus for much of our work across the curriculum. We have lots of fun and engaging lessons planned with art, history, geography, DT, writing and reading linked to this over arching topic.


In DT, children can look forward to exploring South American cuisine which I'm sure they will look forward to! We have a series of art lessons planned including art in the style of some famous South American artists.


Later on in the term, children will undertake some guided research on the Amazon rainforest and the animals which reside there as well as researching and exploring a famous tribe from the region. in Geography, the children will explore and study South American countries with a specific focus on Brazil, Rio and its famous landmarks including Sugarloaf mountain and the favelas.


Alongside all of this, The Explorer by Katherine Rundell will be our class read and guided reading sessions will be linked to this. Writing genres we will study include non chronological reports on the animals of the Amazon and a discussion text on deforestation.


Please can pupils remember to have PE kits in school all week as our timetable is flexible though the plan is for PE on Tuesdays and Fridays.


The format for spellings has changed again this term slightly. We will still focus on a specific weekly pattern in class though rather than pupils having 15 words to take home for the weekend, all word lists will be added to spelling shed. Thus far, I have been blown over by its impact and the number of times the pupils are accessing this brilliant resource.The usual expectations of children reading every night for at least 20 mins and logging on to TT Rockstars still applies. Reading records will be checked regularly and these can be used as home communication logs.


Thanks for checking our page. If any parents require a meeting, either catch me after school to arrange a time or speak to the school office.


Mr Oakes and Maple Class


Map skills in South America


Exploring lines of longitude and latitude in geography

Recapping on mixed numbers and improper fractions

Making trenches in dt

Scouring the national archives for WW1 letters

Creating WW1 propaganda posters

Sticky numbers - square numbers maths investigation!

Performing our Franz Ferdinand news reports!

Visiting Whitstone secondary

Playing Bomb-ball in PE - a WW1 favourite!

Writing play scripts to perform - Franz Ferdinand shooting

WW1 silhouette art

Exploring the reasons behind the start of WW1

Recreating ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch


Daily practise number bonds and times tables on worksheets

Additionally, access TT Rockstars each day

Week 1: Money (Worksheets attached below - 1 for each day)



Phonics: Workbook provided (Guidance inside of workbook) 1 sound and 1 page per day.

Spellings: Year 2/3 words attached below. Year 2 words have been learnt in the most part. Year 3 are just being introduced. Give 10 per week.

Speed read: Share above words. Read on sight.

Each day write a diary entry in own words of what has happened. Pay special attention to anything significant!

Additionally, access Spelling Shed each day


Reading: Read daily. Write a comment in reading journal to show understanding. (e.g what happened?)