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C of E VC Primary School

Maple - Year 6

Topic web - autumn

Welcome to Maple Class 2019-20


The topic in Maple class For terms 1 and 2 will be WW1 and this will provide the stimulus for much of our work across the curriculum. We have lots of fun and engaging lessons planned with art, history, geography, DT, writing and reading linked to this over arching topic.


In DT, children can look forward to making world war trenches which I'm sure they will look forward to! We have a series of art lessons planned including art in the style of the propaganda posters which were synonymous with the Great War.


Later on in the term, children will undertake some guided research on trench life as well as researching the intricate differences between the British and German Soldiers. The pupils will also find out about signing up for the army and the basic training requirements and will play Bomb Ball in PE which was a popular game during the time.


Alongside all of this, Warhorse and Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo will be our class reads and guided reading sessions will be linked to this. Writing genres we will study include newspaper reports based on the assassination of Frank Ferdinand as well as letters from the trenches and recounts of what life was like on the front line.


Please can pupils remember to have PE kits in school all week as our timetable is flexible though the plan is for PE on Tuesdays and Fridays.


The format for spellings has changed again this term slightly. We will still focus on a specific weekly pattern in class though rather than pupils having 15 words to take home for the weekend, all word lists will be added to spelling shed. Thus far, I have been blown over by its impact and the number of times the pupils are accessing this brilliant resource.The usual expectations of children reading every night for at least 20 mins and logging on to TT Rockstars still applies. Reading records will be checked regularly and these can be used as home communication logs.


Thanks for checking our page. If any parents require a meeting, either catch me after school to arrange a time or speak to the school office.


Mr Oakes and Maple Class


Recapping on mixed numbers and improper fractions

Making trenches in dt

Scouring the national archives for WW1 letters

Creating WW1 propaganda posters

Sticky numbers - square numbers maths investigation!

Performing our Franz Ferdinand news reports!

Visiting Whitstone secondary

Playing Bomb-ball in PE - a WW1 favourite!

Writing play scripts to perform - Franz Ferdinand shooting

WW1 silhouette art

Exploring the reasons behind the start of WW1

Recreating ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch