Upton Noble

C of E VC Primary School

Part of the East Somerset Federation which includes Bruton Primary School

What should my child bring with them?


Your child will have a basket in the changing room where nappies, wet wipes and spare clothes can be stored. You must provide your own nappies and wet wipes and staff will let you know when your supplies are running low. Alternatively, you can bring in a separate 'changing bag' on a daily basis which should contain the above items and several sets of spare clothes.



Wherever possible, please dress your child in clothes which encourage his/her independent use of the toilets. It is very difficult for young children to deal with dungaree straps in a hurry!


Remember your child will be using paint, glue and exploring all sorts of messy play. These are likely to come home with them - on their clothes! The children also have free access to the outdoors, in all weathers, at all times of the day!


Children should always bring a coat that is waterproof and wear suitable clothing for the appropriate season. Clothes must be marked with your child's name.


A set of spare clothes should be provided (some may need more than one set!). Often the joys of water play are only discovered when the water is dripping down their arms and legs! Any soiled clothing is changed and left for collection on your child's peg, with an explanation note. Please wash and return any clothes on loan from the nursery.


Sun Protection

Please provide your child with a sunhat and appropriate clothes during hot weather. If your child is in Nursery and you wish for staff to apply sun cream then you must fill out a medical form in the office. The sun cream must be provided in a named container. Please inform a member of staff on arrival, if you wish sun cream to be applied. 


Personal Belongings

Personal belongings such as toys, books, jewellery and hair accessories are often important to young children but The Tree House cannot be held responsible if they are lost or broken.


Useful Resources

The Nursery uses a wide variety of resources and would welcome any items you no longer need e.g. hats, fancy dress, indoor and outdoor toys, materials for 'junk modelling' such as cereal boxes, yoghurt pots etc.