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C of E VC Primary School

Part of the East Somerset Federation which includes Bruton and Ditcheat Primary Schools

Science Gallery

Year 5 explored life cycles and metamorphosis, which included dissecting eggs!

Beech Class Marble Run Investigation

Elm class made seed bombs for seed dispersal...

British Science Week. Does being taller mean you have bigger hands, feet or heads? Using all our science skills - asking questions, taking measurements, recording data and drawing conclusions.

Maple observed and compared the features of different biscuits and built cladograms to show the 'evolution' of biscuits from a common ancestor.

Year 6 investigated how different beaks were best suited for eating different foods

Maple Class explored reflection and how they could change the direction of light using mirrors

Year 6 have been investigating how light travels in straight lines.

In Ash class we have been learning all about skeletons and why we need them.

Science week in Willow Class was so much fun. We investigated whether the largest hand holds the most, tried not to tip the ship in a floating and sinking activity, made water filters and tried to make cuboid shaped bubbles.

Melting ice, colour mixing on bread, hand washing, making square bubbles and simple friction investigations formed part of Science Week in Acorn Class.

Using circuits to make propeller art!

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The whole school worked scientifically to investigate the best biscuit for dunking.

Year 5 investigated how to keep ice cubes cold for longer.

Exploring how flowering plants reproduce in year 5.

Year 5 designed and carried out their own scientific investigations using rocket mice

An introduction to forces using 'rocket mice' and bottles of varying capacity.


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Beech class ordered instruments based on their pitch. Can you hear the differences between the sounds being made?

Investigating forces in Year 5

Learning how fish breathe underwater by exploring real fish.

How can we keep a cup of tea hot?


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The children in Beech Class presented their new designs to one another and gained their feedback on how to improve their creations

And our new cups have been made...

Beech Class have been trying to guess what our investigation this week will be about

Beech Class have made periscopes, linking to their topic of World War 2, and have looked at how the mirrors reflect.

Exploring Reflective Materials in Year Three

Investigating properties of materials in year 5