Upton Noble

C of E VC Primary School

Part of the East Somerset Federation which includes Bruton Primary School

Week beginning 8/6/20


Work through these sessions this week.  You will do a bit of work on poetry, looking at a poem by Joseph Coelho.  He is a great poet, and I recommend you go to https://childrens.poetryarchive.org/poet/joseph-coelho/ to find out about him and listen to some recordings of some of his poems.  There are also lots of videos online of him reading his work.


Each day's link below has all the instructions and resources you need for that day.  There are also a couple of powerpoints that might be useful for day 2 and for day 4 and 5.


Each day, watch the video and then have a go at the tasks.   Each video starts with a recap of some maths skills before getting onto the lesson.  The tasks that go with each lesson are below the video.

On Friday, go to White Rose and do the maths challenges.  They start easy and get more challenging as you go through.


If you have been looking at the year 4 White Rose up to now, then I suggest you go to the I See Maths home learning page http://www.iseemaths.com/home-lessons/ and try the Year 3/4 tasks.  You need to scroll down and look for the lessons for 1st June to 4th June, otherwise you'll end up doing yet more fractions instead of graphs and tables.