Upton Noble

C of E VC Primary School

Part of the East Somerset Federation which includes Bruton Primary School

Week beginning 6/7/20

The school games are a nationwide set of competitions available to all primary and secondary schools to take part across a wide range of different sports. There are a great number of different competitions including intra-school, inter-school, local competitions, regional competitions and national competitions. These games are a fabulous way for children to take part in competitive sport whilst at school though what is at the very core of these games are their 6 values: teamwork, passion, honesty, self-belief, respect and determination. 


Your tasks this week will link to these very values!


Task 1: Explain - in your opinion - why each of the 6 values have been selected as core to the school games


Task 2: Write down an example of each of those 6 values which you have seen first hand - this doesn't have to be in a sporting context! 


Task 3: Rebrand the school games. To do this, you must come up with 6 values of your own, creating mini-logos for each of the values to create a new poster for the games. You must explain why you have included each of those values.


A good starting point would be to write down as many different values as you can before selecting the 6 which you think are the 'most important'.


Task 4: Every year, at the school games, there is a photography competition which runs alongside it. We are going to have our own in Beech class. Your task is to take a photograph (not download!) which demonstrates at least one of the core values of the games. You are free to take as many different pictures as you wish though I only need to receive 2! Picture one must be of a value in a sporting context and picture two must be of a value in a non-sporting context!




This picture clearly demonstrates teamwork and determination!