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Week beginning 29/6/20

Week beginning 29th June:

5 lots of Fast Five maths questions - one for each day of the week

Option of Gold and Platinum or both if you're feeling enthusiastic!!


Reading - additional comprehension plus reading daily


Leavers booklet - download the leavers' booklet and complete each of the tasks inside! I doubt that you will complete this this week!


Maths- Shape

Continuing with the new topic on shape. At the end of last week, you found out about area and perimeter, particularly of rectangles and rectilinear shapes. This week, you will continue to find out about area, but this time you will look at a variety of different shapes such as triangles, parallelograms and other compound shapes.


Session 1: Area of triangles

Remind yourselves how to find the area of a rectangle. Draw 3 rectangles. Give them a length and width and calculate the area of each of them. What if these rectangles became triangles? What has happened to the shape? It's been cut in half! So cut your rectangles in half and watch them become triangles! Now all you have to do is width x length and half it. You've found the area of a triangle! Watch the video below for a few worked examples

Worksheet 1: White Rose triangles


Session 2: Area of parallelograms

What did you learn yesterday? Draw a rectangle and cut it in half like you did yesterday? How does this help you remember how to calculate the area of a triangle? What about the area of a parallelogram? Watch the video below and this will show you how to calculate as well as some worked examples.

Worksheet 2: White Rose parallelograms


Session 3: Compound shapes area

Write down everything you have learned about the area of rectangles, triangles and parallelograms! All of this will be very helpful for today's session. Watch the video on how to calculate area of compound shapes.

Worksheet 3: Complete loop cards. Cut them out. Work them out. Match the correct question to its answer


Session 4: Gareth Metcalfe I see Maths daily maths lesson

Worksheet 4: No worksheet today. Visit the website below and watch the video. Complete the daily lesson with Gareth Metcalfe!


Science - Explore the eye

1) write down everything that you think you already know about the eye and light no matter how simple you think it is! We've got to start somewhere!

2)Visit the website https://youtu.be/XBwQCfgR_XI to watch a video on how we see. Make notes of the different parts of the eye. You may need to watch the video twice.

3) Draw a diagram of the eye and label the following parts




optical nerve




4) Explain what role each of the parts have before explaining how we see objects. Start at the sun as our light source.


English - writing

See PDF below. It is a week on poetry so make sure you read plenty of poems!!

Leavers' booklet

Poetry writing tasks