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Week beginning 29/6/20

One of your tasks this week is to complete the bleep test! This is the staple diet of many Olympic athletes and it is used to see just how fit they are. The aim is simple. Run until you can go no further and listen out carefully to see what level you got to!


The bleep test is performed with two cones placed twenty metres apart (however, you can put them 15m apart!), used as a shuttle run. The bleep test includes 21 levels, starting at a running speed of 8.5 km/h, increasing by 0.5 km/h with each level. Each level lasts 62 seconds, with a person's score recorded as the last point at which they can keep in sync with the bleeps.


You get three lives. Once you have missed the bleep 3 times, you are out!


You will definitely need adult supervision for this for a) setting up the area you will use in a safe space and b) watching you whilst you complete the bleep test!


Bleep test audio

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Performance analysis


Before starting this task, you will again need a space to run in as well as a recording device, whether that be a phone or camera. Get somebody to record you running at full speed. Also get them to take a range of photographs so you can what you look like when you are in a freeze frame. You can also get your family to do this as well!


When you come back inside, watch Usain Bolt break the world record in the 200m (this also gave me goose bumps again) for a bit of inspiration.


Now watch the second video on running form. This is a video of professional sprinters but in slow-mo. Look carefully and point out what they are doing. Look at things like their body position, their stride length, head position, eyes, arms etc. Now, do the same but with your videos and photographs. Let's see if any of you think you are the next Usain Bolt!


Usain Bolt 200m world record: 19.19!!! (+ Michael Johnson's reaction)

The actual race (starts at 1:10) and after reaction from Michael Johnson etc on this stunning stunning run!!! Plus short trackside talk with Usain Bolt.

Sprint Form Slow Motion

A nice collage of World Class Sprinters, finally slowed down. Please Subscribe and like!!!! DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to this music/song and do not...



I've also found this out this week! There used to be art competitions at the Olympic games. This finished around 1950 so hasn't been part of the games for just over 70 years! It got me thinking about the art task for this week and that's exactly what we will do. An art competition! 



Use whatever medium you want

It must be linked to the Olympic games

The Olympic rings must be included somewhere in your art work (big or small)

Ideally hand drawn, but can be digital


Here are some pictures below for a little inspiration! Good luck!