Upton Noble

C of E VC Primary School

Part of the East Somerset Federation which includes Bruton Primary School

Week beginning 29.03.20

I hope that the first week of home schooling has gone well. I have missed you all but have enjoyed seeing the photographs of what you have been up to. Here are the activities for week 2. Have fun and stay safe.

Mrs Hamilton smiley


Phonics and Spelling

Please could you test your children on last weeks spellings. They can write the words in the back of their home learning books. Below are the spellings for this week. Please remember to practise your spellings daily,  just as we would at school. 

Here is a booklet focusing on Phase 5 phonics for Year 1 to work through.

Reading Comprehension



This week at school our focus would have been on writing instructions. I would like the children to write a set of instructions for an adult to follow to make a sandwich. It can have a filling of your choice.The adult should then follow the instructions to the letter to see if they make sense and are in the correct order. If not, please talk to the children about the mistake/s that they have made. They can then re-write the instuctions correctly. I have included templates that the children might like to use to help them with their writing. Please encourage them to start each sentence with a capital letter and to finish with a full stop.


Carol Vorderman has an online Maths programme which is free to parents to subscribe to while schools are closed. It is called The Maths Factor and is definitely worth looking at.

Year 1

Please visit: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/ to access the Year 1 activities. Please click on week 1 and watch the accompanying video before starting any task.


Lesson 1 - Introduction to weight and mass

Lesson 2 - Measure mass

Lesson 3 - Compare mass

Lesson 4 - Introduce capacity and volume

Lesson 5 - Measure capacity


Please also complete some of the activities below to keep your skills sharp.

Year 2

Year 2 please visit: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/ year 2. Look at the activities for Week 2. The first couple of lessons will be a consolidation of the work that you did last week. Start with the Flashbask task.

Lesson 1 - Recognise a third

Lesson 2 - Find a Third

Lesson 3 - Unit Fractions

Lesson 4 - Non-Unit Fractions

Lesson 5 - Equivalence of a half and 2 quarters

Please also complete some of the activities below to keep your skills sharp.
Year 1
Continue with the Science activities set last week. If you have completed these, please work through the assessment below.

Year 2

Your task this week is to design a healthy smoothie. Think carefully about the fruits that will go into your smoothie to make it really delicious. Once you have made the smoothie, I would like you to write a recipe for others to follow. 


We have completed our topic on The Great Fire of London now. To show me how much you have learnt about the Great Fire, I would like you to create a Fact File or a Power Point (with help) of interesting facts that can be shared with others. If you choose to make a fact file, remember to think carefully about the headings that you will use. Remember to include pictures and captions.


The animation below retells the Easter Story. Please watch it and then complete the sequencing activities.

Year 1 are to cut the pictures out and then stick them in the correct order on the second sheet.  They can then tell an adult what is happening in each picture.

Year  2 are to cut the pictures out and stick them in to their home learning books in the correct order. They then need to write a couple of sentences to go with each picture.