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Week beginning 27/4/20

Week beginning 27th April:

5 lots of Fast Five maths questions - one for each day of the week


TT Rockstars - Whole school house competition. Which house will win? Who will be the individual leaders of each house?


Spelling Shed - Revision words as well as some new trickier ones which I've chosen for you!



Session 1: Watch percentage of amounts video then complete worksheet 1 (If this takes 2/3 sessions, that's fine as there are 30 questions)

Session 2: CorbettMaths worksheet

Session3: Classroom Secrets problem solving

Session 4: CorbettMaths trickier questions


I'm also going to add an extra section if you would like something additional for maths though don't feel that you have to do this.


BBC Bitesize learning

On the BBC iPlayer or red button, please watch a video each morning from 9am. Each show lasts for 20 minutes and intends to target a specific age group. Access the appropriate video for your child by selecting the link below.


After watching the video: The new online Bitesize Daily lessons in Maths, English and other core subjects will cover every year group up to Year 10. Created in collaboration with teachers and other education experts, they will be easy to navigate, concise and combine the best of Bitesize, BBC Teach and other education providers.

The lessons will include videos, educational games, articles and practice tests. We’ll also have advice for parents or guardians on how to teach anyone who is home-schooling as well as guides for parents of pupils with special educational needs.



Writing: (This could take 2 weeks - if you complete these and need something else, get in touch)

To complete this week's writing task, you must complete a series of tasks.

These are ideas which you could use, but you can come up with your own:

1) Mow the lawn

2) Wash the car

3) Make a meal

4) Bake a cake


Once you have completed each of the tasks, you need to put together a 'How to guide' outling what you did and how you achieved perfect results. Attention to detail will be key for this task.


For Example

How to mow the lawn PERFECTLY.

1. Before you begin, it is really important to clear the lawn of anything which could get in your way such as: toys, gardening equipment or anything the dog has dragged out of the house. Put on your gardening gloves too!

2. It now depends as to whether you have a petrol lawnmower or an electrical one. If it is petrol fuelled, you will need to ensure there is enough petrol in the engine. If it is electrical, carefully unwind the lead and plug it into a socket.



I'll be posting links to 2 different art tutorials each week. Follow the instructions and send me a picture of your masterpieces to maple@eastsomersetfederation.co.uk

Percentage of amounts

Still image for this video

Compound interest

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Extra maths work

How to Draw Eyes

This tutorial gives you a basic look at the shapes and anatomy needed for drawing realistic eyes. Make sure to watch my other tutorials on facial features! I...

How to Draw Different Nose Shapes

This video will show you how to draw six different nose shapes from the front and side.