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C of E VC Primary School

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Week beginning 23/3/20

Weekly home learning


Week beginning 23rd March:

5 lots of EMA maths questions - one for each day of the week

Mental maths focus - percentages - 5 minute challenge - see how many you can get correct. Improve each day.


50% = half    25% = half and then half again    10% = divide by 10     1% = divide by 100

20/30/40% = find 10% then multiply by 2/3/4 etc      5% = half of 10%

TT Rockstars - Simple. Boys vs Girls

Maths: Fractions - 4 worksheets, plus investigations and any helpful videos and additional content on mathswithparents.com (please remember to sign up)


Reading: Read everyday plus additional comprehensions


Writing: Planned outcome: A report on Rio de Janeiro. Could end up being a big custom made poster; could be a leaflet; could be a word processed piece.


Lesson 1/2: Research Rio. Use books, websites and watch videos. Become an expert. Make sure you record notes and not full sentences.


Lesson 3: Practise writing extended sentences.

Write several simple sentences about Rio. Then develop into something more complex.

For example:

Rio de Janeiro has lots of famous landmarks.


One of the most vibrant cities in the world, Rio de Janeiro (or more affectionally referred to as Rio) is famous for its impressive landmarks including: Sugarloaf Mountain, Christ the Redeemer, Copacabana beach and the impressive Maracanã stadium.


Lesson 4: Practise using semi colons.

Use your simple sentences from yesterday. Take one of them - add a semi colon then write a main clause which links to it! Simple.

For example:

Rio de Janeiro has lots of famous landmarks; it is a fabulous place to visit


Lesson 5: Plan your report

Use an A3 spread in your books or a separate sheet of paper. Choose what your subheadings are going to be. e.g. Famous Landmarks; Tourism; Football; The Carnival. In note form, jot down what you want to include.


Don't stress if you find things too difficult. This is new for all of us so will take time to get your learning from home just right.

Ordering fractions

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+ - fractions

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