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Week beginning 22/6/20

A sport-themed art activity

Still image for this video



This week's unit has three sessions looking at famous speeches and then two sessions on some poetry.  I'd love to see your letters to Malala.

The powerpoint is for session 4; it goes over relative clauses, which we have learned about in school.  (That last sentence has a relative clause in it - clever!)


Words using the prefixes circ- and trans- this week.

There is a crossword and a wordsearch containing words with these prefixes.  You can also click the link blow to go to th Spelling Frame website and do some activities with circ- and trans- words.





Keeping going with shape this week.  Each session has an activity to complete, some have videos to help you.


I've also put the 5-a-day sheets here for you to have a go at - choose which level you want to try.  If you want an easier level, or one more challenging, go to https://corbettmathsprimary.com/5-a-day/ and try either bronze or platinum.  You'll find the answers there too.

Session 1 - using what you know about rectangles and squares to work out missing lengths and angles

Session 2 - what do you know about 2D shapes?

Watch the video to remind you about some 2D shapes, then look at the task - creating a glossary about 2D shapes.

Session 3 - Regular and irregular polygons

Watch the video about regular and irregular polygons, then have a go at the activity sheet.

Session 4 - 3D shapes


Make a fact file about 3D shapes.  For each shape below, include the name of the shape, the number of faces, edges and vertices, what shape the faces are and some examples of the shape that you can find at home.  Your fact file could be a poster, slide presentation or written fact file.

  • cube
  • cuboid
  • triangular prism
  • cylinder
  • sphere
  • cone
  • square-based pyramid

There is a video here https://corbettmathsprimary.com/2018/06/01/names-of-3d-shapes-video/ that will help if you need reminding about any of the shapes.

Session 5 - nets

If you cut open a 3D shape and laid it out flat, what you would get is a net of the shape.

Try this activity, which asks you to decide what 3D shape each net will make.