Upton Noble

C of E VC Primary School

Part of the East Somerset Federation which includes Bruton Primary School

Week beginning 22/6/20


Your art task this week is linked to Japan rather than the Olympic games. Japan is often referred to as the land of the rising sun. Download the pdf below to find out what this session involves.




Last week, your task was to find out about the skeleton (skeletal system) and identify the different bones in the body. So, if you haven't completed that task, go back to last week's tab and complete it. However, the skeletal system, on its own, doesn't actually help us move. That's where muscles come in handy. Muscles in combination with bones allow our bodies to move and this is something which Olympic athletes do very efficiently.

1) Watch the video on the BBC link below to find out a little about how muscles and bones work together.

2) Ideally use a science book or encyclopaedia if you have one - if not then search online. Find the following muscles and label them on the blank diagram below:


Quadriceps (quads)

Abdominals (abs)



Pectorals (pecs)



Gluteus Maximus (best name for a muscle ever!)


3) Watch the brief video on hamstring injuries before finding out why sometimes muscles pull or tear by visiting the website below

Science video 2: hamstring injury

http://www.tornhamstring.org/ A torn hamstring is a frustrating injury for any athlete to face. The key to recovery is time, the body will heal eventually. I...