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C of E VC Primary School

Part of the East Somerset Federation which includes Bruton Primary School

Week beginning 18/5/20

Week beginning 18th May:

5 lots of Fast Five maths questions - one for each day of the week

Option of Gold and Platinum or both if you're feeling enthusiastic!!


TT Rockstars - All against all. No teams involved. Top of the class? Yes please!


Spelling Shed - Revision words as well as some Olympic and Tokyo themed words


Reading - read everyday plus 2 additional comprehensions


Maths- Ratio

This is another recap week. There are several videos at the bottom of the page to help you along your way. 

Session 1: Simplifying ratios

Session 2: Sharing out ratios

Session 3: Calculating when given one value

e.g. sweets are given out to Sarah and Jim at a ratio of 3:5. If Jim has 15 sweets, how many sweets does Sarah have? Write out the ratio until you have given Jim 15 sweets. Compare to Sarah - she must have 9 sweets!

Session 4: CorbettMaths problems

Session 5: White Rose problems


Extra Maths (for those who want a challenge)

1) Stand alone ratio problems - email me your answers and I'll let you know!!

2) CorbettMaths problems

3) Classroom Secrets - GD sheet only

4) Classroom secrets problem



Select the pdf document below for more details! It's a writing competition which you can enter if you choose to. If not, just send it through to me! I'd love to read them!



1) Drawing the Olympic rings with Olive branch background - remember to add colour!

2) Origami - brought to Japan in the 6th century!

I've added a tutorial for a bird but if you find something else then that's fine! See how many different things you can make!

Remember to send your art work across to maple@eastsomersetfederation.co.uk


Olympic Games Topic:

I've added a research activity for this week. Download the guide below which outlines the sessions.

This is a big task, therefore I expect it will take up plenty of your time if you complete to the best of your ability. It's not only History but also English and ICT skills you will be developing.


Please remember to send your work to: maple@eastsomersetfederation.co.uk

Writing Competition

Session 1 - Simplifying ratios

Still image for this video

Session 2 - sharing out ratios

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Another helpful video

Still image for this video

How to make a paper Bird? (easy origami)

Origami bird. Easy origami work. Paper size: 15x15 cm Watch other " How to make Bird" videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OENARuC6CU&list=PLVT4EhUctAdfv...

Olympic games task