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C of E VC Primary School

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Week beginning 1/6/20

History research: Find out about the ancient Olympic games and present your findings as a poster. You can choose whether to do your poster by hand or using a computer.


Make sure that you include the following information on your poster plus some additional facts which you find interesting! Have a look at the video below and the bbc bitesize website


When did the games originate?

Where did the games originate?

Why did they take place?

What games took place and what did the winners receive?

How were men and women treated differently?

The Olympic Games story

Want to know the origins of the Olympic Games? Where it all started? Check out our quick and colourful guide


This week's Geography task is to plot on a map all of the countries which have hosted the Olympic Games. I have added a list below. If you have an atlas at home, please use one of these. If not then feel free to use a computer to help!

Task 1: Colour and label each of the countries which have hosted the games

Task 2: Identify the capital cities of each country 


List of Olympic Host Countries

Country Summer Games Winter Games
USA 1904, 1932, 1984, 1996, (2028) 1932, 1960, 1980, 2002
France 1900, 1924, (2024) 1924, 1968, 1992
Germany 1936, 1972 1936
Greece 1896, 1906!, 2004  
Japan 1964, (2020) 1972, 1998
Italy 1960 1956, 2006, (2026)
UK 1908, 1948, 2012  
Canada 1976 1988, 2010
Australia 1956, 2000  
Russia/USSR 1980 2014
South Korea 1988 2018
Switzerland   1928, 1948
Norway   1952, 1994
Austria   1964, 1976
China 2008 (2022)
Brazil 2016  
Sweden 1912  
Belgium 1920  
Holland 1928  
Finland 1952  
Mexico 1968  
Spain 1992  

Olympic Rings Art

Above is an image of the famous Olympic rings. Your task this week is to produce something in this style. Feel free to use whatever medium you wish, whether that be paint, pencil crayons or something entirely different.