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Week beginning 15/6/20

Week beginning 15th June:

5 lots of Fast Five maths questions - one for each day of the week

Option of Gold and Platinum or both if you're feeling enthusiastic!!


Reading - In class read the Firework Makers Daughter and complete comprehension sessions as provided. Home learners to continue with reading daily as well as 2 additional comprehensions.


Maths- Shape

Continuing with the new topic on shape. Last week you should have reminded yourselves how to use protractors to measure angles; recap on the different types of angles including acute, obtuse, right and reflex angles; identify and name different quadrilaterals; begin to calculate missing angles.


Session 1: Calculate missing angles recap

Continue with the learning from last week. 

Starter - recap on the 12 and 24 hour clock and solve problems

Recap on angles in a right angles, straight line and around a point.

Worksheet 1: Classroom Secrets problem solving plus additional extra questions


Session 2: Calculate missing angles in triangles

Name all of the different types of triangles. What makes each unique? What rules are there about the different angles? Solve a few questions where triangles have missing angles.

Worksheet 2: White Rose Triangles missing angles


Session 3: Calculate missing angles in quadrilaterals

Name all of the different types of quadrilaterals. What makes each unique? What rules are there about the different angles? Discussion around 3 quadrilaterals. Solve a few questions where Quadrilaterals have missing angles.

Worksheet 3: White Rose Quadrilaterals missing angles


Session 4: Identify missing angles - all types

Fact dump of everything pupils have learnt about angles.

Discuss how to approach a problem. What do we know? We can we figure out?

Remodel where necessary

Worksheet 4: CorbettMaths worksheet plus extra problems on notebook


Science - Explore the impact of smoking

1) Write down everything you think that you know about the impacts of smoking

2) Watch the video lower down the page and add to your mind map.

3) Visit the website below and watch the two videos (make sure you have a strong stomach)

4) Read the information on the page adding to your mind map

5) Create a poster, presentation or fact file on the impact of smoking


The average cost for a packet of 20 cigarettes in the UK is now £10.80.

If somebody smokes 20 per day, how much does that cost them per year?

What if they smoked 40 per day?


Olympic Games Topic:

Writing: Newspaper reports - download pdf below


Olympic logos

Olympic logos 1
Task: To create an Olympic logo for Paris 2024
Session 1: 
View all of the Olympic logos attached. Which are your favourites/least favourite etc. Each pupil to do a top 3 and a bottom 3.
Recreate favourite in whatever medium.
Session 2:
Brief sketch of logo for Paris 2024 before creating this in best.

The effects of smoking on your body

Smoking causes serious health problems, many of them life-threatening. For more information about how smoking affects your body, visit: http://bit.ly/RC2KRH ...