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C of E VC Primary School

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Week beginning 15/6/20

Task: To create an Olympic logo for Paris 2024
Session 1: 
View all of the Olympic logos attached. Which are your favourites/least favourite. You must decide which are favourite 3 and which are your least favourite 3 and explain why. 


You may need to do a bit of research into the host city to see why they have included certain images or features to their logos; this will help each logo make more sense to you.

Now, recreate your favourite in whatever medium you choose.
Session 2:
Paris is hosting the games in 2024. Your task is to create a logo for these games. An idea would be to spend a little time researching either Paris or France. Keep an eye out for any key landmarks (see video below). Again, you can choose whatever medium you wish.

Top 5 Landmarks in Paris, France

Task: To identify the major muscles and bones of the human body


Task 1: Watch the video below on 'Athletes who overcame injuries at the Olympics. Firstly, the video highlights how 'brittle' our bodies can be with muscles injuries. broken bones, cuts and falls causing problems. It also highlights how resilient and driven Olympians are as they strive to win a gold medal.


Task 2: Name as many bones in the human body that you think you already know. Put this list to one side.


Task 3: Watch the video below on the skeletal system once through. Add to your list at the end of the video. If you think that you've missed a few, watch it again and add to the list again.


Task 4: Either draw your own picture of the skeleton and label the names of all of the bones you now know, or download the image of the skeleton below and label the names.


Extra: Find out a little bit more about how the skeletal system actually works and add a paragraph or two to your diagram explainin this.

Top 5 - Athletes Who Overcame Injury

Torn ligaments, broken bones, stitches and more. Olympic athletes more often than not need to overcome injuries during the course of their careers. But what ...

The Skeletal System - Educational Video about Bones for KIds

This is an educational video where children can learn more about the human body. With this video you can see the parts of the skeletal system, including bone...