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Week beginning 15/6/20

Click this link to go to the spelling frame website and find some activities to do with this week's words:



Angles this week.  Watch the videos, have a look at the activities, and drop me a message if you need any help with anything.

Session 1 - Types of Angle

Session 1

Watch the video.  You should already know about acute, obtuse and right angles.  Reflex angles are a new type of angle in Year 5.

When you have watched the video, make a poster showing everything you know about angles.  Make it as colourful and creative as you like.  Maybe you could look for examples of the different types of angle around your house and include pictures of them on your poster.  Maybe you have a clever way of remembering the names of the different types of angles that you could use.

Session 2

Look through the powerpoint presentation about angles on a straight line.  Then have a go at the activity sheets.  Choose your level - 1 star, 2 star or 3 star.

Session 3

Look through the powerpoint about angles around a point.  Then try the activity.  The questions get more difficult as you go through.

Session 4 - Angle Facts

Session 5

To measure angles we use a tool called  protractor.  You may have used one before, and you may have one at home.  But you may not.

Today, have a look at the powerpoint which goes through how to use the protractor.  Then look at the MathPlayground link to use an online protractor and practise measuring angles accurately.  If you have a protractor at home, draw some angles yourself to practise using it.

Then there is a game on MathsFrame that helps you practise reading the protractor.