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C of E VC Primary School

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Week 3 - 20.04.20

Really useful and supportive websites to help with home learning:

Story time

Please use the Twinkl login to access an e-book a day. There are also audio books to listen to. 

You may choose to opt in and use some of the material from BBC Bitesize or Oak National Academy. Both sources provide excellent home learning videos and activities.



Numberblocks and Numerjacks are two great online video sources to support with learning about number, shape and measure. These can be found by clicking on the following links or by typing 'Numberblocks' or 'Numberjacks' into your search engine.







Please try and complete your maths objective and a maths challenge every day. Many thanks.



Year One

Please access the Summer Term, week one, White Rose learning by clicking on the following link and complete the daily learning objective by watching the video and completing the activity.



Monday - Making doubles

Tuesday - Making equal groups

Wednesday - Making equal groups

Thursday - Find a half

Friday - Challenge



The focus this week will be on estimating and counting objects to 20. We will also introduce grouping objects into 10s and 2s to help count larger quantities. Remember, an estimate is a 'sensible guess.'


Monday - Count and record activity. How many of each item are there? Write and record (eg 5 chicks)

Tuesday - Watch the estimation powerpoint. Carry out the estimation socks activity. Start with up to 10 socks and then try up to 20!

Wednesday - Watch 'Supertato' (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rze89HB9u8g). Ask mum or dad for a handful of peas. How many have you got? Estimate. Check by counting. Repeat. How close were you?

Thursday - Watch the counting in 10s song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ftati8iGQcs). Ask mum or dad for a handful of peas (or other small objects). I'd recommend between 11 and 20 initially. Group the objects in 10s. How many have you got? Use the language of '10 and 4 more.' Then try amounts greater then 20!

Friday - Watch the counting in 2s song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvTcpfSnOMQ). Ask mum or dad for a handful of peas (or other small objects). I'd recommend up to 10 initially. Group the objects in 2's. Count in 2's. How many have you got?


Estimation Powerpoint


Still image for this video
Please complete each activity as they build up into a sequence of learning. Thank you.

Monday - Have an adult read the poem called: ‘Hello to Spring.' Draw a picture to show what the poem means to you.

Tuesday - Please watch the video and look at the spring pictures. Make a list of all the signs of spring you can see outside. Please see an example of a list below. Can you add a describing word? Don’t forget your numbers and start a new line for each item.

Wednesday - Look at my poem. It is a senses poem. Use the planning template to list something you can see, hear and smell. For example: I can see a fluffy, yellow chick. Think carefully about your phonics and don’t forget your finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.

Thursday - Write your own senses poem using my example and your planning sheet to help you. Don’t forget your describing words. Can you also expand your sentence to tell me where you can see your object? For example, I can see fluffy lambs skipping in the green grass.

Friday - Decorate your poem with Spring pictures.

Practise singing 'It's a Spring Thing' by clicking on the link below. Be creative - can you add some instruments?