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Wb Monday 8th June

Here's the plan for your maths home learning this week. It's still on fractions so hopefully you were able to complete last week's work as this follows on from that! You'll need to do each of the lessons in order as otherwise you might find it tricky.


I've added fast five sessions for each day. Select the appropriate challenge for you then off you go! Be sure to check on the link below to mark your answers.


Session 1: Watch the video link on fractions greater than 1. It is really helpful. Complete the WhiteRose session 1 worksheet.


Session 2: Again on fractions greater than one. I have added another video if you feel that you need a reminder. There will be three lessons on this as it is really important to fully understand this before adding and subtracting fractions which we will do next week. You have 2 worksheets to do. One on fluency and the other on problem solving. Select the appropriate worksheet for you. Look at the stars in the bottom corner of the sheet

D - Level 1

E - Level 2

GD - level 3

I would suggest not doing the GD worksheet for problem solving this week as it does look tricky but if you're up for a challenge then why not!


Session 3 - Fractions greater than 1. Final lesson - CorbettMaths fractions questions. I've also added some extra problems. These are optional!


Session 4 - Adding fractions. There is again a video to watch so make sure you find the link below before completing the WhiteRose questions.


Session 5 - visit the Gareth Metcalfe maths link below and complete the daily challenge!

Session 2 video on fractions greater than 1

Still image for this video