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Wb Monday 22nd June

Here's the plan for your maths home learning this week. This is your last week on fractions!. All of the lessons have built up so you need to have done the previous sessions on fractions to help you fully understand. At the end of last week, we were finding fractions of amounts so we will continue with that this week.


Also visit Corbett Maths 5 a day for your daily starter. Select the appropriate challenge for you then off you go! Be sure to check on the link to mark your answers.


Session 1: Fractions of amounts

Watch the video link below for a step by step guide of how to approach these questions. I've then got for you the linked worksheet from White Rose which goes with the video and/or an investigation which is optional!


Session 2: Fractions of amounts

Definitely re-watch the video if you found yesterday difficult. If you're finding the worksheets too tricky then your best bet is to get practical things out to help you. For example if a question is asking you to find 1/4 of 16, then get 16 sweets or socks out before splitting them into 4 groups!

It's Classroom Secrets worksheets today. 1 on the fluency and one on the problem solving. Remember, you choose the sheet which suitably challenges you!

D - Level 1

E - Level 2

GD - level 3


Session 3 -  Finding the quantity

Watch the video link below before completing the linked White Rose worksheet. This is basically the opposite of finding fractions of amounts. You are given the fraction, you need to find the total. So for example if I know that 1/2 is 10, the total must be 20. Or if I know that 1/4 is 6, then the total must be 24!


Session 4 - 

For today, there are 2 options. Option 1, if you found the week tricky is to have another go at fractions of amounts. This is a drill sheet where you can draw pictures or use practical resources to help you. The alternative is to complete the consolidation pack investigation. It's up to you!


Session 5 - Gareth Metcalfe daily maths lesson.