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Wb Monday 15th June

Here's the plan for your maths home learning this week. We have another week on fractions. All of the lessons have built up so you need to have done the previous sessions on fractions to help you fully understand. Last week, we started to add fractions. We will continue to look at the addition and subtraction of fractions.


I've added fast five sessions for each day. Select the appropriate challenge for you then off you go! Be sure to check on the link below to mark your answers.


Session 1: Adding fractions. This is a recap from last week. Watch the video below for session 1 if you need a reminder before completing the powerpoint questions below. Make sure you complete the questions before moving on a page as the answers will be on the next page!


Session 2: Subtracting fractions. Obviously a very similar concept to what you have done with adding fractions but we simply take away. By now, you will have noticed that the denominator (the bottom number) stays the same. This is the same when taking away fractions. Watch the video and complete the White Rose worksheet


Session 3 -  A second session on subtracting fractions just to make sure you fully understand. Complete the classroom secrets worksheets below. Complete one worksheet from the fluency problems and one from the problem solving. Remember to select an appropriate challenge for you.

D - Level 1

E - Level 2

GD - level 3


Only complete the GD worksheet if you have a really sound understanding of equivalent fractions as you will notice on some questions the denominators aren't the same.


Session 4 - Finding fractions of amounts. Watch the video below before solving the CorbettMaths problems.

Before you do this, get 24 lego cubes or 24 of anything really. Split them into 2 groups. This is one half. Split them into 4 groups. This is one quarter. Split them into three groups. This is one third. Split them into 6 groups. This is one sixth. Split them into 8 groups. This is one eighth. Count how many are in each group and see if you notice a pattern.


Session 5 - visit the Gareth Metcalfe maths link below and complete the daily challenge!

Session1 adding fractions recap

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Session 4: fractions of amounts

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