Upton Noble

C of E VC Primary School

Part of the East Somerset Federation which includes Bruton Primary School





Please go through the phase 5 PowerPoint before focusing on the phoneme for the day. The instructions are in the pdf document below.



You are going to look more closely at the fruit that you chose yesterday. Make up a 'What am I ?' riddle to describe your fruit. Choose your adjectives and similes carefully. Remember to start each sentence with a capital letter and end each one with a full stop. Your final sentence will be, What am I? 



Watch the video clip below on tens and ones before completing the worksheets. If you do not have tens and ones at home you could use large pieces of lego as the tens and small pieces of lego as the ones, or tube pasta as tens and smaller pasta as ones. Just make sure the tens are all the same size and the ones are all the same size.



The country in Africa that Handa lives in is called Kenya. We are going to find out all about Kenya in our topic lessons. Write some questions that you would like to research about Kenya. Remember to put a question mark at the end of each of your questions.


Go through the PowerPoint on Kenya.


Look at the Kenyan flag. Colour the blank flag in the correct colours. Can you find out what the different colours represent?