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C of E VC Primary School

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Topic - Art

W.C 11th May


Topic - Art


This week’s topic work focuses on Art, some of the activities will be more accessible than others depending on what equipment you have at home, however as I always say, it’s all optional so just pick and choose what you would like to do!


Here is an overview of the six sessions:


Lesson 1 - Drawing Insects in Pencil - Look at the photo pack and discuss the insects, look at the details, then complete an observational drawing of an insect using pencil. They can use an image from the Insect Photo pack or a live/specimen insect - you could include a bug hunt into the day!


Lesson 2  - Drawing insects in colour - The children complete an imaginative drawing of an insect in coloured pencil/oil pastel. (Or whatever you have available to you)


Lesson 3 - Designing Insect Mosaics - Draw a large, simple insect shape on A4 paper using a pencil. Start selecting the correct coloured paper squares to suit your insect e.g. a bee – black, yellow, grey... Lay the coloured squares on top of the insect drawing to create the design. Fill in the background with another colour) 


Lesson 4 - Making Insect Shadow Puppets - You could use any cardboard you have to create simple insect shapes. 


Lesson 5 - Making Insect Sculptures - Using newspaper/bottles/etc to create an insect sculpture - you could use natural materials and make a forest school style insect! 


Lesson 6 - Finishing Insect Sculptures


There are more detailed lesson plans to guide you - it’s sometimes just a starting point, and you could come up with some completely different art based on insects.