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W.C 27th April 2020




Below are a series of history sessions based on the Anglo-Saxons and Scots. Each lesson has a powerpoint presentation with lots of information, there is then an activity to go with each session. 


Lesson 1:Invaders - You will learn about the Anglo-Saxon and Scots invasion of Britain, the seven kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon Britain and you will learn about some of the key characters from this period - Vortigern, Hengest or Horsa.

Lesson 2: Place Names - You will learn about the origin of some place names and how the Anglo-Saxons influenced Britain. 

Lesson 3: Village Life - You will learn about what life was like in an Anglo-Saxon village and have a go at designing your own. 

Lesson 4: Artefacts and Culture - to explore Anglo-Saxon artefacts and culture and practise being a historian!

Lesson 5: Anglo-Saxon Gods - You will learn about Paganism and Anglo-Saxon Gods - you could create a poster about a Anglo-Saxon God of your choice.


As I have said before it's up to you how you approach this work, you can aim for one session each day or spread it out over the next few weeks as and when you are able to. 


There is an overview of the learning and a link to a e-book which would be a good place to start - there are also a few fun activities which you may like to add into your week. 


Have fun and let me know how you get on!


Miss Norris