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Continue with last week's challenge if you need to.


Challenge - week beginning 11th May

The Titanic was the most luxurious liner (passenger ship) of the time. Your task this week is to research; What was so special about life on board the Titanic and Was it the same for everyone?


You can choose how to present your findings. You might like to make a poster,  a fact file or a powerpoint. 


If you have completed the above challenge you will know that there were three different categories of passengers, each having access to different facilities. Scroll down on the link below and you can watch a video clip about life on the Titanic.



Below is a gallery of sources showing life on the Titanic. Using the evidence provided, can you be a real Historian and work out which picture was used to make each statement in the document below. Sometimes there is more than one picture for a given statement.