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C of E VC Primary School

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Summer Term 1 Maths

Test yourself each Monday on the Baseline 100 in 5 minutes and see if you can improve on your score each week!

Week Beginning 20th April


Adding and Subtracting Decimal numbers


Think of these style questions exactly as the same as adding or subtracting two whole numbers. Use the method of column to help solve the questions in the documents below and then test yourself on the Problem Solving style tasks.

Problem Solving linked to adding decimal numbers

Week Beginning 27th April

Comparing Decimals

Comparing Fractions

Week 3 - Beginning 4th May


This week is finishing off work with decimals, looking at rounding numbers to the nearest whole and also looking into halves and quarters. 

There are worksheets from Classroom Secrets for each of those two topics, and they come in three levels. Start with Developing and progress through depending on your confidence. Also, there are easier fluency style questions and then problem solving. Save the problem solving to last.


We are then starting with some Money. Look into the range of coins and then try out the open ended challenges that I have written below.


Please keep looking and using the White Rose Maths and BBC Bitesize websites to support and further your learning as their resources are excellent!

Challenges - try out the Bronze Challenge, if you can get 75 correct in 10 minutes, move onto the Silver Challenge, and then the same before heading onto Gold!

Money Challenges

Week 4 - Week Beginning 11th May
Next week we will be moving onto time, so please keep practising reading clocks with your child, and thinking about introducing 24 hour time as well as 12 hour.

Maths Money Challenges

Below are worksheets to support your child's understanding of Money. There are multiple sheets in some documents, work through the D or E pages first (these are categorised by letters in bottom corners) and only extend onto GDS if your child is confident.

Week Beginning 18th May

This week we will be looking at Time. There are some power point starters for each day. When using the power point, start the show to answer the first question.

There are 4 lesson worksheets and answer pages as well as a True or False quiz for each day. Page 1 has the question. Page 2 will give you the answer.

If your child finds the topic Time tricky I have included some alternative time activities and questions as a refresher. It may be more suitable for  your child to use these. There are 10 sessions and answers to aid any extra practice if needed.

There are some Time power points which can be used to help your child tell the time and will also include some facts regarding, days of the week, months and years.

Refresher Time Starters