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W.C 4th May


Topic - RE - Judaism


This week’s topic focus is RE. Normally at this point in the year we would begin to explore a different world religion. The main focus throughout the year so far has been Christianity but for the next two terms we look at Judaism. Please don’t worry if you do not know much about this religion, the power points and handy video clips should be helpful and you can learn alongside your child. I know I always find it really insightful to learn about different religions. Each day there is a powerpoint and an accompanying activity - there are six sessions which I will put up - however just giving your child an overview of what Judaism is would be great - so selecting a few interesting lessons would be perfect. 

I have also included a link to Discovery Education which has video clips and other information regarding Judaism. 


There are some useful definition cards which might be nice to talk through first. 


Lesson Overview:

Lesson 1: Who and Where (The original plan for this session is to do drama in small groups - obviously this won’t work at home! So I have included some alternative resources. The children can complete a short writing activity about how Abraham and Sarah felt throughout the story. You can choose which activity you do, one is longer and one uses pictures and speech bubbles. 

Lesson 2:Main Beliefs - Looking at the Ten Commandments

Lesson 3:Special places - Understanding special items within a Synagogue

Lesson 4: Special Festivals

Lesson 5: Holy Book

Lesson 6: Symbols


*Please note the Lesson Presentations are PDFs this week as it made the files much smaller to upload.*


There is a lot here to look at here so just work through what you can, we will go back to Judaism when we return to school, so please don’t feel pressured. Also, there are some activities that may not work at home - such as sharing unleavened bread etc but please just ignore these parts!