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Photographs of our Home Learning

Poppy had fun getting her pony ready for a Pony Club 'Trot Up' Competition. He looks very smart.
Here is her book review and the world beyond her bedroom wall. Did anybody else fancy a Candyland? Great work Poppy.
Jess enjoyed 'The Journey' by Aaron Becker and has written a great review of the story.
Well done to everybody who joined in with our poetry slam. I am so impressed with your efforts. 

Miss Cook's poem

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William's poem

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Tilly's poem

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Jessica's poem

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Henry's poem

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Tommy's poem

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Poppy's poem

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Ailsa's poem

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Roxy's poem

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Jack's poem

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Noah's poem

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Jenson's poem

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Ollie's poem

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Wren's poem

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Toby’s poem

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Noah's poem

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Emily's poem

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Angus’ poem

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Ailsa made an obstacle course and timed how long each member of her family took to complete it. They had lots of fun.

Ailsa's obstacle course

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Roxy has sewn a pillow case for her doll's pram. Amazing skills Roxy, well done.
She has also made a fabulous Titanic poster. Well done Roxy.
Tommy had the excitement of moving house last month and he has enjoyed exploring the local countryside. He has been busy with his school work too. Look at his amazing handwriting. Well done Tommy.
Look at this fabulous picture of the Titanic that Ailsa has drawn. She has worked hard on her powerpoint too. Well done Ailsa.
I wonder if any of you have been playing board games during the lockdown? This one that Jack is playing looks fun.
Noah T has created this fantastic poster about the Titanic. I love the headline, well done Noah.
As well as working hard with his school work, Noah K has been helping on the farm. He has been silaging and laying concrete.
Look at this fabulous poster about the Titanic that Toby has created. Well done.
Huge congratulations to Jack and his brother George for completing a 20k cycling challenge. They have received fabulous medals for their efforts.
Jack has made a superb powerpoint about the Titanic. It is full of interesting information and is well worth a read.
Tilly has made a fabulous poster about life on the Titanic. This is the start....
Here is the finished poster. It is fabulous, well done Tilly.
Wren worked hard last week. She wrote some interesting questions about the Titanic,  designed some fabulous bunting for VE Day, started a quarantine quilt and enjoyed the Science garden hunt. Well done Wren.
Ollie has been working towards his Beaver's badges. He had to camp out and make a bug hotel.
He has also worked hard on his school work.
Sid exercised on his bike today. It looks fun Sid, glad to see you are wearing a helmet.
He got a great score on 'Hit the Button' too. Well done Sid.
Henry has drawn the Titanic, using the letters T I T A N I C (Art challenge). Amazing work Henry, well done.
 Jack and William have written fabulous character descriptions for the girl in our story.
Here is the latest instalment of Cherry Tree News. Do have a read to see what Toby and Rosie got up to last week.
What would you like to find beyond your bedroom wall? Noah would like to find a world full of dogs.
Jack would like to find a football stadium. No surprise there Jack!
Rupert and Heidi made bunting to decorate the house for VE day. It looks fabulous, well done. Rupert was also able to interview a neighbour to find out first hand what it was like 75 years ago when the war ended. What an amazing experience.

Rupert drew a fabulous Spitfire, using the image from his model aeroplane box as a guide. Well done Rupert.


Noah also made bunting. Fabulous colouring Noah.
He made this bread too. I bet it was delicious Noah.
                                               Happy VE Day.

This is how Tilly and Alfie celebrated. What a treat.
Tilly has written an interesting set of questions to research about the Titanic. Her drawing is fabulous too. Well done Tilly, a great start to our topic.
Ollie has found out some amazing facts about the Titanic. 

Titanic facts

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Ollie has drawn the imaginary world beyond his bedroom wall and written his research questions about the Titanic.

He loves blowing bubbles for his brother too. 

Noah K has written some interesting research questions about the Titanic.

Look at this amazing picture of Sonic that Jenson has drawn by following 'Draw with Rob' on YouTube. Well done.

Here is our art work inspired by Georgia O 'Keeffe. It is fabulous. Well done.
You must read William's writing about his Granny's childhood. It is fascinating and very different to ours.
Here is some more of the fabulous work that William completed last week.
Noah had fun measuring water with Milo and he has drawn a beautiful flower.
How would you fill a bucket to help others? Here are Wren's ideas.
Ailsa had fun today making paper chains with Miriam for their den.
Roxy has rescued a guinea pig called Woody and she has had lots of fun playing with him.
She has also been busy with her school work. Fabulous poem Roxy, well done and the corn flower is amazing.
Here is Poppy's poem about things you would find in a stable.
Poppy has also been looking after chickens to gain her Pet Sense Badge for Pony Club and has drawn a fabulous flower. Well done.
Jess has written a wonderful poem about things you might find on a teacher’s desk.
Noah has filled his bucket with lots of great ideas.
Amazing artwork from Henry.
Jack asked his Nanny some interesting questions about her childhood.
Here are some other things that he has been up to. Well done Jack.
Hetty had fun making her personal time line.
Tilly has found out some interesting facts about her Grandfather and she has written a wonderful paragraph about him. Well done Tilly.
Here is her fabulous artwork.

Rupert has written a wonderful Spring poem. Who can spot the rhyming words in his poem?

He has also been enjoying yoga, planting carrots, digging for worms and learning about food chains.
Tilly is learning to play the recorder. I wonder if anyone else has tried something new while school is closed?
She has also labelled her fabulous flowering plant (who knows what the pistil is?) and had fun in the sun.
Look at Wren's amazing painting inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe.
Ollie had fun in the local river this weekend. He also enjoyed making his Spring picture out of natural resources and finished his fabulous poem. Well done Ollie.

Can you name the flower that Ollie has used as a sun in his picture?

The stone person is great too Ollie. Well done.

I love this photo of Ailsa reading in her hammock.
She has used adjectives, alliteration and similes to good effect in her poem and has made wonderful 'Goldsworthy inspired' Spring flowers. Well done Ailsa.
Poppy has made this fabulous Spring flower collage. Her poem is great too, full of adjectives and lovely Spring images. Well done. 
She has labelled her flowering plant too.
Emily has used lots of adjectives in her fabulous Spring poem. Well done.
Here is the latest edition of Cherry Tree News by Toby and Rosie.
William has made a fabulous sculpture in the style of Goldsworthy, well done.
He has also written a wonderful Spring poem,  made his personal timeline and created a lovely Spring flower collage. Well done.
Wren has been busy since school closed. Here are some photographs of different things she has been up to.
Jess spotted these Spring flowers on a lovely walk with her dog Whizz.
Noah has included his Grandparents in his learning this week via Zoom.
Charlie has written a wonderful Spring poem.
Jenson has worked hard at his Maths, History and Science this week. Well done.
Henry is busy labelling his flowering plant.
Here is Noah K’s personal timeline.
Look at this amazing fossil that Will found in his garden.
Will is also enjoying looking after his chickens. He is in charge of collecting their eggs.
Roxy has worked hard on her Spring poem. She has also labelled her flowering plant and created a fabulous flower in the style of Goldsworthy. Well done.
Here is Toby's fabulous art inspired by Goldsworthy.
Ollie has made a spring word search for you all to enjoy.
Jack has completed his Spring poem, made his art sculpture, planted some seedlings, been for a Spring walk and labelled his flowering plant. Well done Jack.
Noah has written his Spring poem. He is also busy on the farm.
Henry enjoyed making his timeline this morning. It looks great Henry, well done.
It looks like Ollie had lots of fun on his Spring walk. He has created a lovely collage.
Sid has been working hard with his clock to learn to tell the time. He has looked at the 12 hour clock and the 24 hour clock.
Henry has worked incredibly hard on his Spring Poem. He decided to put all the stages together and complete it in one day. He then rose to the challenge of creating a Spring acrostic. Well done Henry.
Hetty and Rory have made up a fantastic rhyming poem about the Year 2020.


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Here are some photographs of some other things that Hetty has been up too.
Rupert has enjoyed learning to tell the time.
Sid has enjoyed doing some Science today. Look at the wonderful collage of Spring flowers he has created and his carefully drawn and labelled Tulip. Well done Sid. 
Here are some photos of Ollie and some of the different things he has been doing since School closed. The pizza looks delicious.
Poppy has had a busy Easter holiday baking birthday treats for her pony Apollo, writing a poem about him, baking biscuits for her family and playing games with Daisy.

Here is the latest edition of the Cherry Tree Newsletter from Toby.

Do have a read, it is very interesting.

Jack has created a fabulous powerpoint presentation about The Great Fire of London. It is well worth reading.smiley
Here are some photos of Jack making and enjoying his smoothie. It looks delicious.smiley
William has made two fabulous posters to show what he has learnt about The Great Fire of London. Well done William.smiley
William has also been practising telling the time and making a boat that floats.smiley
Here is this weeks newsletter from Toby.smiley
Look at this amazing score achieved by Tilly using her three times tables. Well done Tilly. smiley
Here are some photos of Tilly's home learning. She has used some fabulous adjectives in her story and the café menu looks good too. Well done Tilly.smiley
Jack has been busy writing instructions, retelling the Easter Story and designing his fire safety poster.  He has also made a fabulous poster to support the NHS. Well done Jack. smiley
Toby has enjoyed doing science with volcanoes today.smiley
Poppy has been busy since school closed. Here are some photographs of what she has been up to. The bath bomb looks great Poppy.smiley
Jess made her boat and then took it for a sail down the River Brue. She has made a photo story of her adventure.smiley
Toby and his sister Rosie have written a newsletter explaining what they got up to last week. The fence looks amazing Toby.smiley
Charlie made his smoothie today. I bet it was delicious Charlie.smiley
Here are some photos of Noah and some of the things that he got up to last week. Good to see that he is learning some life skills too (window cleaning).smiley
Charlie has had a busy week. Here are some photos of his home learning. Great use of lego to help with your Maths Charlie.smiley
Noah has made his clock today. He can make it show o’clock and half past. Quarter past and quarter to the hour next.smiley
Ailsa has been busy making her clock and doing some fractions. Good to see her practising her netball skills too.😊
Look at the fabulous planning that Jess has done for her gingerbread monster story. She has made the monster too. Great hair Jess. 🙂

Tommy has had a busy week. Here are some photographs of what he has been up to. I love the boat Tommy, well done.😊

William has made a fabulous clock. What is the time on his clock? Can you make it show ‘half past three’ William?
Jack has made a word search for Willow Lions. He has also been busy doing some Maths.
Roxy has painted a lovely picture of the Great Fire of London and she has planted some seeds. I wonder what she is growing?
Noah has written his story about a gingerbread monster and he has made his boat to sail away from the Great Fire.
Jack has made his boat to sail away from The Great Fire.  A great design Jack, well done.
Jess has also been busy designing her menu. She made a delicious smoothie.
Look at this fabulous menu that Jenson has made.

Jack has been busy this week. He has completed some maths sheets, designed a healthy menu for our class cafe, completed some topic work, written a story and he has even found time for some gardening. Well done.

William has made a word search for Willow Bears to complete. Well done William.
Jess has made a fabulous model of a Tudor house. The one on the window sill looks good too!
Roxy has been busy today practising her tables and doing a science experiment. Well done Roxy.
Here is Tilly making her clock.
The finished clock. Well done Tilly. What time is it showing?