Upton Noble

C of E VC Primary School

Part of the East Somerset Federation which includes Bruton Primary School





Please go through the phase 5 PowerPoint before focusing on the phoneme for the day. The instructions are in the pdf document below.



Please watch Handa's Surprise using the link below. Can you remember the different fruits that are in the story? Look closely at the different fruits and talk about their features. 



Practise counting forwards and backwards to 50 in ones. Start from different numbers each time. Then watch the video clip below before completing the worksheets. Choose the worksheets that are appropriate for you.



The story Handa's Surprise is set in Africa. What do you know about Africa? Write down everything that you know about Africa on the elicitation sheet. Once you have done that, read through the powerpoint on Africa. Finally find Africa on a world map and complete the worksheet below, 'labelling Africa'.