Upton Noble

C of E VC Primary School

Part of the East Somerset Federation which includes Bruton Primary School


Early Morning Activity


Children will arrive at school and once they have washed their hands they will complete the EMA (Early Morning Activity) task.



After registration, we will sing the 'Wake Up' song from Out of The Ark Music. It is in the 'Get Moving' section of the web page.



We will be doing English in two parts today. In our first session we will be thinking about our school bubble. Our second session will focus on the rules of our bubble. We will discuss the new rules that we have at school and the children will write and illustrate some of the rules on the worksheet below. Children at home can think about rules that they have at home to keep them safe. They can write and illustrate their rules on the worksheet provided or in their Learning Journal.

Each day we will be starting our Maths lesson with some mental arithmetic, using games such as 'Fast 10' and 'Last man standing'. I would suggest children at home use Top Marks Daily 10, (Level 1) or Hit the Button (number bonds) for their warm up.
We are focussing on position this week in Maths. Today's worksheet focuses on left, right, in front and behind.



We will finish the day by singing, 'Together' from Out of the Ark Music. It is in the 'In It Together' section of the web page.