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W.C 4th May


This week we are on ‘Week 1 - 20th April’ with the White Rose scheme of learning. We are still on fractions and there are four days of work looking at equivalent fractions, comparing fractions and ordering fractions. Friday is a little different this week as White Rose are working with BBC Bitesize and there will be a Friday challenge to complete. The problems most suited to year 3 level are 1, 2, 3 and 4 so it just gives the children something a little different for a Friday. (Obviously, it is a Bank Holiday so it’s optional, of course)


I have included the link to the White Rose page below, alongside the fractions games and daily 10 links to add into your daily maths.

 - Slight change of plan - As of this week the White Rose Resources are no longer accessible via the webpage if you are not a premium member. Upton Noble is, thank goodness! So I will put all the worksheets and answers below and I can email you a copy if that's useful - just let me know! As far as I'm aware the tutorial videos will still be accessible. 


There is also a link to Snappy Maths where you can find a comparing fractions interactive game.