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Summer Term 1

Week Beginning 20th April

Over the course of this week, use the document below to begin to research different aspects of Viking life. Make notes in each section using bullet points (at least 4 facts in each box). Then, using these ideas, turn your notes into a formal report, using headings and sub-headings to layout your information.

Your work can also be turned into PowerPoint displays, allowing you to share the information you have found with family members. Complete a presentation showcasing all that you have found.

Week Beginning 27th April


Below is an image of a Viking funeral. Spend some time on the first day collecting information about what happens during this event and why it takes place.

Then, start to think about how we would describe this image if we saw it. Think about your senses and including any similes to give even more detail.

Finally, I would like you to write a letter to a friend detailing the fact that you had witnessed a Viking funeral an what it was like (including information and detail you have already collected and created earlier in the week). Look into example letters, and how they arrange the address for where the letter is going and how you start and end letters to friends. 


Go one step further and try tea staining your letter to give it age ones you have finished! Please send in any photos to share of your amazing letters.

Week Beginning 4th May


Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to be using the video below as our inspiration for a Viking traditional tale. Watch the clip each day to keep it fresh and follow the plan below.


Day 1 - Watch the clip and then, using the arrow document, you are going to split the story up into the main events that have happened. Then, once you have all the events (8 minimum), order these events. Example of an event: boy walking through a Viking village, father and son find an object missing.


Day 2 - Watch the clip. There is no speech at all through the video, so we are going to make some up between the boy and the father after they have found the object missing. Use the speech bubbles in the documents below and think about what each character would say to each other. Use inverted commas and try not to use the word said. Push yourself further by thinking of actions that each character may do as they are speaking.


Day 3 - The journey! The main character takes a journey and travels through different environments. Split an A4 page into four sections and draw 4 different environments that the character may travel through. Then, list and label the picture with adjectives, nouns and similes.


Day 4 - Taking the ideas from yesterday, write a paragraph to describe each environment that our character travels through. Use full sentences, and try and expand your ideas using connectives and many different descriptive tools (ENPs, similes, openers).


Day 5 - Watch the clip. What do you think the main character would be feeling and thinking as they travel through the different environments on their journey. Using the heart and thought bubbles, write ideas about how the character might feeling and why, and also what rhetorical questions they may be thinking to themselves. Remember to use full sentences.



Viking Traditional Tale

Still image for this video

Week Beginning 11th May


During this week, you are going to bring together everything that you prepared last week to write your own version of the animation above. Use the arrows from last Monday to help work out each paragraph and aim to do two paragraphs a day. I wouldn't suggest writing more because you want to try and include as much detail and description as possible.


Follow the checklist below to ensure that you have included all the different features:

  • Setting Description
  • Character Description
  • Expanded Noun phrases (adj, adj noun)
  • Similes (like... as...)
  • Interesting openers
  • Speech
  • The journey


This story should be something that you are proud of and can even turn into a small mini book with illustrations if you want. Enjoy and I look forward to reading your stories.

Week Beginning 18th May 

If you have not finished your traditional Viking tale from last week then use this week to complete and publish your story with illustrations.

If you have finished your Viking Story, Mrs Akhurst has asked you to change the story by innovating your  Viking Traditional Tale.

You may change the setting, the characters, the plot of your story and the ending.

Day 1: Plan a story map of your story, changing the settings, characters and the beginning, middle and end.

Day 2: Begin to write the beginning 2 paragraphs of your story using adventurous vocabulary, powerful verbs and effective openers.

Day 3 Write the middle of your story with the problem and climax of the story. Remember to included power language and speech.

Day 4 Write the resolution of your story and the ending of your story.

Day 5 Edit, improve and publish your own innovated Viking story.

If you are happy with your  Viking story. You may like to design a front cover and a blurb for your Viking story. I will look forward to reading them.

Please send them via the Beech class email and I will enjoy reading them.

Miss James


End of Spring Term

Tilly and the Time Machine


Unfortunately, we were unable to finish reading the story of Tilly and the Time Machine. Last time I read with you, Tilly had just visited the Battle of Trafalgar with Admiral Nelson, trying to find her father. The GO! button that helped her travel had got stuck on the rigging and she experienced a real life battle onboard of a battle ship.


We know that she also travels to the final of the Football World Cup in 1966 and visits Queen Victoria. 


I would like you to write a chapter for the story yourself, with your own ideas. You will need to consider the following:

  • Where have you travelled to?
  • Which famous characters from history are you meeting?
  • What could happen to the GO! button that makes it difficult for you to leave this place in time?
  • What speech may occur between you and the people from the past?
  • Descriptions to tell the reader about the time and characters you are meeting.
  • Something bad or exciting happening that Tilly would get involved in


Please take pictures of your writing or email them across to me so that I can add some of your ideas onto this page!



Still image for this video
Using this video as inspiration, write a newspaper article explaining this natural disaster.
Think about adding in titles, quotes, a byline, pictures, captions and an introduction containing the 5Ws

Summer Term 2

Week beginning 1/6/20

This week, before you begin, you must choose one of the following Olympic athletes: Usain Bolt, Mo Farah, Jessica Ennis Hill or Adam Peaty.


Task 1: Research and find out as much information as you possibly can about your chosen athlete. There is a video below on note taking. 

Put a picture or write the name of your chosen athlete in the centre of your page. Now jot down the notes you wish to take. If you are watching videos, watch the video once without taking any notes then begin to take notes as you watch the video a second time!


Task 2: Create a mind map for your athlete (see picture below)

So you should now have lots of information about your athlete but you will now need to organise them in a mind map so they are clear to write from


Task 3: Create a leaflet on your athlete

It's now time to put it all together! Don't forget to have a nice front cover and fill your leaflet with lots of information about your athlete. Don't just copy your notes down but think about putting them into full sentences.

Taking Notes for session 1

Helpful video for taking notes

How to put together a mind map

How to put together a mind map 1