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Home Learning Photographs

Bella has embraced the lifecycles work and has written an incredible story about Monty the dog. Take a read...

Oskar has been looking after all of the creatures in his garden by building a bug hut. Look at that enormous smile Oskar!

Jacob has carried out some incredible work around the topics of 'Bubbles' and 'Spring.' He has even written a song and played it on the guitar. Perhaps you could teach us Jacob?


Still image for this video

Incredible 'Bubbles' work from Bella, Hattie and Florence this week. I love the similes and adjectives. Fantastic work girls - ten house points each.

Heidi was lucky enough to interview her neighbour who experienced VE Day first hand. She also engaged in lots of VE Day activities as well as completing lots of writing and drawing about Spring.

Harry had a wonderful birthday and heard from lots of his Acorn friends. What an AMAZING cake!

I love Scout's story map!

Did you know that a starfish has no brain? Florence has been very busy learning lots of facts about sea creatures as part of the 'Bubbles' topic in English. Super writing!

Luke has been busy with his home learning and has been exercising outside too. What a great tree climber you are!

Happy Birthday Florence!!!!! It looks like you had the most wonderful day and your tooth finally fell out!

What a fantastic character description Florence with wonderful similes. I love your plant work too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for today (4/5/20).

Bella has had another very busy week. She has planted an apple pip and has been busy learning about plants, phonics, doubles and similes! She even found a toad! Well done; I'm super proud!

Scout has been busy in her garden identifying plants and flowers. I can't wait to see what they look like after they've been pressed...

As well as making rock cakes and practising her maths, Heidi has been making rainbow pictures for a friend who works in the intensive care unit at hospital. What a lovely thing to do...

What fabulous work today Dottie on our 'Bubbles' video. I am very impressed with your 'time words.'

Harry has been counting in 2s using fencing posts, has written a great spring poem, has been making music and has been learning how to lead a calf. I hope you can teach me Harry.

Bella has been really enjoying the work around 'Spring' this week as well as helping out on the farm. What beautiful calves!

Milo has been super busy at home, helping in the garden, painting his room and riding his bike as well as working hard on his learning.

Stanley has been walking lots, camping in the garden and has been helping his brother gain his cubs badges. He has also been estimating in maths, practising his phonics and has been writing about Spring. Lovely photos Stanley.

Hattie has had a very exciting week and has lost her first tooth! She has also made a dandelion chain and has written the most incredible Spring poem. I am super proud.

As well as doing lots of estimating and counting in 2s and 10s, Jacob has learnt to ride his bike without stabilisers. Wow! Fantastic job Jacob.

Oskar has been very busy with his home learning. He has been solving calculations, exercising with Joe Wicks and has been doing lots of Easter arts and crafts. I think Oskar has got taller. What do you think?

Florence Bonham-Christie still has a wobbly tooth! This hasn't stopped her with her fabulous learning though. A lovely Easter chick, a super picture to represent the Spring poem and a fabulous list! Great job Florence.

Heidi made a beautiful picture to celebrate the Queen's 94th birthday. Doesn't she look happy!

Florence has started the Summer Term with some fantastic maths and writing! I am super impressed! Look at your enormous smile too Florence; I can see that you're very proud.

Jack has been really creative and has used metal to build a boat to escape The Great Fire of London. He has been welding and bending metal to create his vessel and finally painted it blue. He has also been doing lots of maths and painted a fabulous picture.

Bella has been counting in 2s, writing her daily diary and has been doing lots of reading comprehensions. She has also been carrying out lots of Easter themed arts and crafts. What fabulous writing!

Dottie had a fabulous Easter making a new swing with her sister. I wonder how high it goes?

As well as doing some fabulous maths, Joshua has been really creative. Look at his outdoor art work and his Lego rainbow. Will you teach me when we get back Joshua?

Florence Bonham-Christie wanted to let her friends know that she has a wobbly tooth! smiley

Nancy followed a treasure map and look what she found! Happy Easter everybody.

Jacob has been making the most of his sunny Easter holiday by doing dot to dot in the garden and counting, sorting and problem solving with his knex.

As well as completing all of her maths and english tasks, Nancy has been making pizza with her dad, has baked a cake and thoroughly enjoyed licking out the bowl. Yum! My favourite part of baking Nancy! I absolutely love your rainbow picture too. I'm sure this will give hope to everyone who walks past your house.

Bella wore her school uniform this week and has carried out lots of 'What's the Ladybird Heard' maths tasks along with baking and helping on the farm. Great job!

Florence has been doing lots of arts and crafts this week and is writing about them in her daily diary. She even made a volcano!

Hatiie has had another very busy week. As well as riding her pony and helping on the farm, she has been doing lots of phonics and has painted a beautiful rainbow picture.

Hugo has been learning about nature and the world around him. He has also been doing lots of baking and arts and crafts.

As well as helping lots on the farm, Harry has been baking and has been peeling carrots to put in the carrot cake. Yum! My favourite Harry! He has also been busy making his boat, handwriting, doing his maths and painting his rainbow..

As well as making and testing a boat that floats, Harry has been enjoying the sunshine and has been identifying lots of plants and wildlife using a reference book.

Nancy has been busy completing lots of maths challenges and has been using her daily exercise time to litter pick in the sunshine.

Bella has been working out to Joe Wicks, making a boat that floats, practising her phonics and handwriting and has been writing in her daily diary. I can't wait to read it Bella!

Jacob has been doing his morning workout with Joe Wicks 😊. Keep it up Jacob!

Stanley has been working from home in his new diving equipment! I hope you can use it properly soon Stanley.

Florence has made a poster to help others learn about keeping safe. Great advice Florence. Thank you. I've printed one off and put it on my window at home.

Hattie has been making the most of the weather by doing her maths home learning outside. She has also been helping with the animals on the farm.

Florence has been super busy building a boat to float up The River Thames to escape The Great Fire of London. Florence thought carefully about her design, adding a sail, seats and a storage area at the back.

Florence has been making a bird feeder and has written in her daily diary to tell us all about it.

And she has been working hard on some of the maths challenges...

Jacob has been writing in his daily diary about his extra curricular sideline - mechanics! Here he is mending his quad bike.

Bells has continued her 'Town Crier' learning at home and has been writing an announcement for the people of London.