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Home Learning

This sub page has been created to allow the children of Beech Class to continue with their learning at home.


There is a list of useful websites that your child can access with interactive games that cover our Maths key objectives for the remainder of the half term. There is also Spelling Shed (which has weekly spellings added to it) and TT Rockstars.


Under Reading Comprehensions, I have uploaded a long list of different resources that you can print and work through or access and read together and answer questions online. If at least two reading comprehensions could be completed each week alongside daily reading and discussions that would be great.


The Maths and Literacy blocks have some work in already, but these will be updated each week to add more activities. Some activities may be worksheets or games that you can play with your child to support their learning. Maths tasks can be printed, or the image can be used on screen for children to work alongside. I will date sections of work to show what is needed to be covered each week. The same applies for English. I will date each week and give more detailed instructions on what to complete over the week. In the Topic section, I have uploaded a Topic menu with a range of activities linked to our topic. It would be great if at least two of these activities could be completed each week.


We have also been set up with a Real PE account that can support ideas for your children to complete PE style activities. Below is the web page along with log in details that you can now start to use:

webpage: home.jasmineactive.com 

email: parent@uptonnoble-1.com

password: uptonnoble

Cherry Tree News by Rosie 10th May. Read all about it!

Amazing work by Alfie creating his own Seisomogram and writing a newspaper report about the lighthouse

Rosie's Newsletter, letting us see all the amazing things she has got up to over this week.

And Rosie has made her own instrument to help pick up any earthquakes that may happen

Great learning from George Knight, with his own interpretation of the Wave!

A fabulous presentation all about the Ring of Fire! Great stuff George

Hal has been working hard, producing a great news report and his own image of the wave. Love the surfer Hal!

Lucy has done some excellent research into Earthquakes and written a letter sharing some of her experiences.

George has designed his own house to withstand an earthquake. I like the makeshift springs to absorb the vibrations of the earthquake underneath your house Goerge