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Final 2 weeks

So this is it - the final two weeks! I've decided to put all of the sessions for this fortnight together because some of the projects are quite big and I wasn't sure how many of them you'd be able to squeeze into one week.


You've got some of my favourite activities to do, including my all time favourite: stocks and shares as well as a close second: designing your own theme park. You will need to follow the instructions carefully for these!

Above are all of the details and files you will need to complete your theme park project.

There is a step by step plan in the project overview but that can over complicate what you actually need to do.


Lesson 1

Go through the presentation. Your task of designing your theme park will be explained to you. However, my advice, is before you start, research existing theme parks around the UK. Look at their prices, offers, rides, attractions, special areas, names etc to give you a good idea of where to start when you come to designing your won theme park. In this session you will need to complete a first draft map of your park making sure that you tick to the rules. As you go along, you will need to start completing the budget sheet. Don't spend too much!


Lesson 2

Again, go through the presentation. Now what you need to do is put together a brochure promoting your theme park and the main attractions. Be sure to include all of the information which you would expect to see on a brochure for a park you were visiting! Bright, colourful, pictures, informative is what your brochure needs to be!


Lesson 3 and lesson 4

Simple. Follow the presentation and calculate the weekly and annual costs of your theme park. Have you over spent or have you got enough money to work with? Once you've figured this out, you can now start to think about how much it will cost people to visit your theme park!


Lesson 5

Again, look at the presentation before selecting your own marketing and advertising campaign. Are you going to put together a leaflet, a billboard, a tv advert, a radio ad or something else. Different campaigns cost more than others so make sure you've got enough budget left over for this as without an effective advertising campaign you won't get enough people through the doors!


Lesson 6

Calculate you annual profits. Have you made enough money to survive and stay in business or do you need to call in the administrators?


PSHE and leavers activities


Very self explanatory. You have 6 different activities including: writing a letter to a teacher, reflecting on primary school, preparing for secondary school, most likely awards, writing about my future self and also writing a letter to my future self. The first 5 activities are posted above so feel free to download. In the final activity, writing a letter to your future self, you will write a letter now, sent and addressed to you. You will talk about your hopes, dreams and memories and will then seal it in an envelope. Ask your parents/guardians to keep it safe until you finish secondary school and then you can have a little look back down memory lane! Here's mine...



To my future self,
    Well, where on earth do I start? In fact, I know just the place. Primary School and more specifically, Upton Noble. Right now, I have one week left. I genuinely don't know where the last 7 years have gone. I've made so many friends and had some of the most brilliant teachers who have taught me so much. Though, in the blink of an eye, it's all done and dusted and I will be heading off to Sexey's in September. I'm quite nervous if truth be told. I'm really comfortable here and although lots of my friends are going there, I'm still a little anxious about what such a big change will bring, especially given that my best friend is going elsewhere. I hope we stay in touch.
    I am really excited about some things though. Mostly science. I can't wait to use all of the amazing science equipment that I've seen, especially the bunsen burner! Also, PE and taking part in as many school teams as possible. What I do know is that I am going to find some things tougher than others. I need to just knuckle down and get on with things. I'm also going to try my hardest, make sure I quietly impress the teachers and alongside that, not irk too many (hopefully any) of the older children and make mum and dad proud of my achievements.
    About my achievements. I really hope that I become a doctor. I would love to be an artist but I think that will more than likely be a hobby. I know that to become a doctor, I will have to get really good grades, do my A levels and go to university - another big change. Art is hopefully something that I'll be able to do alongside that if I'm not too busy. I've also started to do really well with my sport. I'm new to running though it turns out that I'm quite good. I'd love to join a club or if I go to university I could be part of the athletics squad, then who knows where? Team GB? The Olympics? A medal? Gold? Hang on one second... doctor, university, artist, Olympic gold medallist? I might be getting a little excited but where are we without our dreams hey?
    Well, that's it from me. I wonder just how many of the things that I've written in this letter actually come true. I'd take just one of them if truth be told. Any more than that would be a bonus. But the one thing I'd like more than anything is to be true to myself and make sure that I am a polite, respectful, kind and good person.

    Maybe write back to me one day...

Luke Oakes - 4th July 2020

One of your tasks this week is to complete the bleep test! This is the staple diet of many Olympic athletes and it is used to see just how fit they are. The aim is simple. Run until you can go no further and listen out carefully to see what level you got to!


The bleep test is performed with two cones placed twenty metres apart (however, you can put them 15m apart!), used as a shuttle run. The bleep test includes 21 levels, starting at a running speed of 8.5 km/h, increasing by 0.5 km/h with each level. Each level lasts 62 seconds, with a person's score recorded as the last point at which they can keep in sync with the bleeps.


You get three lives. Once you have missed the bleep 3 times, you are out!


You will definitely need adult supervision for this for a) setting up the area you will use in a safe space and b) watching you whilst you complete the bleep test!


visit www.bleeptests.com to download the test!

Performance analysis


Before starting this task, you will again need a space to run in as well as a recording device, whether that be a phone or camera. Get somebody to record you running at full speed. Also get them to take a range of photographs so you can what you look like when you are in a freeze frame. You can also get your family to do this as well!


When you come back inside, watch Usain Bolt break the world record in the 200m (this also gave me goose bumps again) for a bit of inspiration.


Now watch the second video on running form. This is a video of professional sprinters but in slow-mo. Look carefully and point out what they are doing. Look at things like their body position, their stride length, head position, eyes, arms etc. Now, do the same but with your videos and photographs. Let's see if any of you think you are the next Usain Bolt!

Usain Bolt 200m world record: 19.19!!! (+ Michael Johnson's reaction)

The actual race (starts at 1:10) and after reaction from Michael Johnson etc on this stunning stunning run!!! Plus short trackside talk with Usain Bolt.



I've also found this out this week! There used to be art competitions at the Olympic games. This finished around 1950 so hasn't been part of the games for just over 70 years! It got me thinking about the art task for this week and that's exactly what we will do. An art competition! 



Use whatever medium you want

It must be linked to the Olympic games

The Olympic rings must be included somewhere in your art work (big or small)

Ideally hand drawn, but can be digital


Here are some pictures below for a little inspiration! Good luck!

Sprint Form Slow Motion

A nice collage of World Class Sprinters, finally slowed down. Please Subscribe and like!!!! DISCLAIMER: I do not own the rights to this music/song and do not...