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Phonics and Spelling
Year 1 please continue with online letters and sounds. 
Below are the spellings for this week. The focus for Year 2 is contractionsWe have looked at contractions before and I have attached the Jack Hartman contraction rap as a reminder. Year 1 are adding the suffix es to a root word. Please remember to practise your spellings daily,  just as we would at school. 
Reading Comprehension

We are continuing our work on the story Journey this week and will be writing the narrative for it.


Monday - watch the video clip again to remind yourself of the story. Identify the five main parts of the story and add them to the story mountain below. Remember, you are not retelling the story, you only need a couple of lines for each part.

Tuesday - Today you are going to write the opening for the story. You need to think carefully about how your story is going to start. Are you going to use the words, once upon a time and make it a traditional tale, or will you start with the weather, one sunny morning in May. You might choose to start with the girl's name and tell the reader a little bit about her, for example, Tara was seven years old. She lived in the sleepy town of  Kenilworth with her mother, her father and her older sister Jen. You then need to think about how the little girl was feeling. Why was she on her own? Look carefully at what the different members of the family are doing. Where did she decide to go? What did she notice on her bedroom floor? What did she decide to do with it? Finish your writing at the part where she drew a door on her bedroom wall.


Wednesday - Today we are going to start to write the build up of the story. Start this paragraph with the words, To her amazement, For example, To her amazement the door opened. Tara couldn't believe it. There in front of her was ….. You need to use adjectives to describe the magical forest and then explain what she did next. What did she draw? How did she feel as she floated towards the castle? Use adjectives and similes to describe the castle.


As the wooden boat continued down the sparkling  river, Tara gasped in wonder at the incredible sight ahead. “What a huge castle that is! I must go and explore!” She declared.


A few moments later, Tara reached the entrance to the magnificent, stone  castle decorated  with ornate, giant domes on each tower. When she reached the massive, wooden gates, she noticed the drawbridge had been lowered down. As the guards saluted her to welcome her in, she knew her journey had begun....


Finish this part of the story at the waterfall.


Thursday - Start this part of the story with the word, luckily. Luckily, Tara had her red crayon and knew exactly what to do..... Write about how she saved herself from falling down the waterfall. Remember to include feelings in your writing. What happened next, what did she see? (use adjectives) What were the men trying to do? What happened to the bird and what did the little girl do?


Friday - Today you are going to write about the problem and the resolution. The little girl got captured, put into a cage and she dropped her magical crayon. Think about how she felt when this happened. Start with the word, unfortunately. Then think about who came to rescue the little girl, how did she feel now, what did she do and where did they go? Finish your writing at the part where they flew towards a small purple door in a  palm tree.


Remember - vary your sentence length

                 -  use powerful verbs


We are not writing the ending of the story today, we will write that on Monday.