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Phonics and Spelling


From 27th April online Letters and Sounds Phonics lessons are available for Year 1. Please see the attached letter and document.


Below are the spellings for this week. The focus for Year 2 is adding the suffixes ment and ness to a root word . Look carefully at what happens to words ending in y when you add ness. Year 1 are adding the suffix ed to a root word. Please remember to practise your spellings daily,  just as we would at school. Well done to all three spelling groups for making it into the top ten this week on Spelling Shed. Lions are currently third, Tigers seventh and Bears tenth. Special congratulations to Tilly, who is in second place in the school and Ellie who is in eighth place.

Year 1 need to continue with this phonic workbook . Please aim to do one page each day.
Reading Comprehension
Year 2 have got a reading comprehension booklet this week. There are three texts, one story, one poem and a factual text. The children can choose to do all texts at the same time, but they should have a five minute break between each one. Alternatively, they can do the texts at three different times.
Year 1 have a comprehension about the zoo vet.
Monday - Today's writing is linked with History. Please see the attached document below. 
Tuesday - Please watch the power point on commas below and then complete the worksheet challenges.
Wednesday - Further practice using commas in lists.
Thursday - Commas are used in poetry too, usually at the end of each line. Read the poem on the attached document about things you would find in a wizard's pocket. Next make up your own list poem. You can decide where it is set; you might choose 10 things found in my bedroom or 10 things found in a clown's pocket, 10 things found on a teacher's desk or 10 things found in a farmer’s pocket..... It is up to you. Brainstorm your ideas first and then write your poem. Choose interesting objects, use adjectives, alliteration and similes. Remember to start each new idea on a new line and to end each line with a comma, until you write your last line where you will end with a full stop. 

Friday - Comprehension