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Phonics and Spelling

Below are the spellings for this week. The focus for Year 2 is z spelt s. Year 1 are adding the suffix ing to a root word. Please remember to practise your spellings daily,  just as we would at school. I would also like to see more of you practising your words on Spelling Shed. We need to try and get all three spelling groups into the top 10 for the school. Well done to the Tigers who are currently in 6th place.smiley

Attached below is a phonics booklet for Year 1 to work through. Please aim to do one page each day.
Reading Comprehension


The focus for our written work this week is Spring.



First of all I would like you to write the word Spring in the middle of a page in your journal and then brainstorm everything that you can think of that lets us know that it is Spring. Think about what you can see, hear and smell in Spring. Once you have done that you can watch the clip below to see if you can add anything to your initial brainstorm.


Choose a coloured crayon. For each sign of Spring (noun) that you have put around your brainstorm, you need to choose adjectives (describing words) to describe it. For example if you have written lambs, you might add the words, white, tiny, baby. You need to add at least two adjectives for each noun. 

Next choose 6-8 of your nouns. Write an expanded noun phrase for each one, using the adjectives that you have chosen. Remember to put a comma after the first adjective.

For example:

Beautiful, pink blossom,

Fluffy, yellow chicks,

Challenge yourself to make at least one phrase that is alliterative, Buzzy bees ….



Today you are going to expand your phrases further by adding verbs (doing words) and by saying where the nouns are.

For example:

Beautiful, pink blossom growing on cherry trees,

Wiggly, black tadpoles swimming in the pond,

Busy bees buzzing here and there collecting nectar....


Add a simile if you can...

Daffodils, yellow as the sun, dance in the breeze,


Once you are happy with your expanded phrases, you need to decide on the order that they should be in your poem. Write the first draft of your poem.



Read through your poem. Check that you have written your ideas in the order that you want them to be in and then write out your poem in your neatest handwriting. The title of the poem is Spring. Remember to start each line of your poem with a capital letter and to put a comma at the end of each line until you write your last line when you will need a full stop. Once it is completed you can illustrate it with Spring images.



Spring comprehension.