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Congratulations to 'Willow Tigers' who are currently the third placed spelling group on Spelling Shed and to Jessica and Noah K who are both in the top ten individually for the School. I wonder if we could get both spelling groups into the top three this week? Our focus is on homophones once again and I think you will enjoy the exercise below, where you have to spot the spelling mistakes.


Reading comprehension



This week in English you are going to be journalists. Your task is to write a newspaper report on the Titanic disaster. You will need to research information for your report and then you will need to plan it before you write or type it up. Today you are going to think about the headline for your report.

I would also like you to do some work on your spellings today. You will see that they are all homophones. Write an interesting sentence for each word. Make sure you start each sentence with a capital letter and end it with a full stop. Underline the homophone in each sentence.



Today you will do the research for your newspaper report. I have attached a sheet of questions to help you.



You should have the information that you need to write the first draft of your report. Once you have written it, you need to read it through carefully and check that it makes sense. Use the checklist to see if you have included all the key features.



Write up your report. I have added a template below but you might want to make your own. Remember to name the newspaper.

You may use a computer for this task if you want to.



You are the teacher today. You need to spot the spelling mistakes that Mr Whoops has made. They are all common exception words.