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Elm - Year 1

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Spring Term!


Welcome back to Elm Class! All the children have settled in brilliantly and we are excited to crack on and learn all about about our new topic this term - Extreme Environments! We will be exploring deserts and rainforests, while looking at weather patterns that links to our Science and our Maths. In English we are learning the Magic Porridge Pot and using the story to learn how to write our own! Click the link to the poster below to see what we are going to get up to in more detail!


Please continue with daily reading and phonics - so, so important for our children in Year 1. We have seen so much progress already, we hope to continue this throughout the term!


We look forward to another great term! From Miss Edwards, Miss Larcombe and Miss Cook!

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Marvellous maths!

We sourced a variety of fruit that comes from the rainforest regions. We had a discussion on how we think the fruits arrived in this country and the conditions that they grow in. Could we grow these fruits in the UK's climate I wonder? 

We used our senses to explore the fruits, and then chopped them up into a rainforest fruit salad. It was delicious, and some of us had more than one bowl! 

In science this week we have been looking at the relationship between the size of our hands and feet. If you have big feet do you need to buy big gloves?

This week we have been learning all the different ways we can do subtraction sums!

We've been on a safari trip in topic! We've been finding out all about the desert!

In Science we have been learning all about the human body! We labelled our bodies and played a game of Simon says to see if we knew all our body parts!

Autumn 2018


We hope you have all had a wonderful Summer and are looking forward to the new term in a brand new class! This term we are learning all about Houses and Homes. Below is a curriculum poster highlighting some of the subjects we will cover in this topic. The direction may change slightly throughout the term depending on what the children find interesting and want to learn more about. 


We hope you find this page a useful tool to find out what we have all be learning. Please have a look regularly as the page will be updated weekly with photos and any important information regarding any changes in class.


We look forward to an excellent term with our new Year 1s! 


From Miss Edwards, Mrs Hambleton and Miss Cook.

Christmas Lunch! Have a great Christmas everyone!

Santa came to visit us! We are so grateful for our presents.

We made Christingles in a forest school lesson this week!

Its Christmas! We followed instructions to make mince pies then wrote our own to help other people make theirs!

Painting our Diva lamps so they are bright and welcoming!

We have been learning about Diwali this week! We have made our very own diva lamps and even had a go at Indian Bollywood dancing like they do when celebrating the festival of light!

2D and 3D shapes! We have been exploring the classroom and playground for all the shapes we have been learning about!

We have been learning about the Gunpowder Plot this week. We retold the story and used role play to show some of the main events!


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In PE this term, we have learned balances, rolls, jumps and how to use our bodies in different ways to travel across the floor. We then put our skills into practice by performing a routine to our peers!

We've been learning all about houses in the past! We even tried to recreate our own Saxon houses.

We have really enjoyed using our new reading corner!

Hansel and Gretel!

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Today we have been doing some excellent sorting using our phonic knowledge. We had a word hunt around the classroom and decided which words were real, not real and those which contained the 'oi' sound.

This week in gymnastics we have been learning to walk along a balance beam using our bodies in the correct way!

We have been learning how to use the balancing scales this week!

We have been so lucky to have another visitor this week! Mrs Hamblin is an interior designer and came in to tell us all about her job! She showed us each step she takes to decorate a house and even let us look at all of the materials and colour charts she uses!

We have been to King Alfred's Tower and Stourhead today! We made dens and walked around the lake collecting natural objects.

We have designed and built our very own houses! We have thought about materials that are strong and waterproof. Some even thought about the interior and how we could make them comfortable.

We had a very exciting visit from Mr Coate today! He told us all about the different houses he can build and what tools he uses to do this. He also made us our very own straw, stick and brick houses just like The Three Little Pigs!

We went for a walk around Upton Noble to spot different types of houses. We spotted detached, semi-detached and terrace houses as well as bungalows just like the houses we all live in.

We've been acting out our own versions of The Three Little Pigs!

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Healthy body, healthy mind! This week we have been learning all about what it means to be healthy! The Life Education Bus came to visit and we learned all the foods we can eat to keep our body fit and strong! We then chose the foods we thought would be best in a healthy pack lunch and decided on the foods we should only eat a small amount of to keep our bodies the best they can be!

In Maths, we have been learning that we can represent a number in many different ways. We even counted in fruit today!

We have been practicing our balances in Gymnastics this week! We tried balancing on 1, 2, 3 and 4 body parts.

We are story detectives.

We had a new story to learn about so we went on a hunt for clues around the School field. We found pictures of a pig, a house, a wolf, the wind, straw and sticks. Can you guess what our class story is? 

Maths fun!

We had a great time in our Maths lessons this week. We wrote and ordered numbers, played matching games and even had a maths treasure hunt around the class. 

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