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Year 1

We would like to extend a warm welcome to you all at the beginning of your child’s journey in Year 1. Transition between Acorn and Elm is a very demanding time, but very quickly the children will become more familiar with the routines and expectations.

The children have quickly made themselves at home in the class and its surroundings as it is only next door to Acorn class. They will still be using the same toilets as they did last year and will also see some familiar faces, as Mrs Irvine (nee Carpenter) will be working alongside me during some of the day.


Daily Routine

Making clay faces.


The school day will begin with the children dropping off their school bags in the classroom and then joining the rest of the children on the playground. They will return to their class at 9 am ready for registration. Please do make an effort to ensure the children are here on time as it really does make a difference to your child’s day.

During morning break the children are provided with fruit and water. If you would like to order milk please see Mrs Hartnell in the school office, or place your order online via the school website.

At lunchtime all key stage one children eat together in the hall. The children are supported by Mrs Saddler and the other mealtime assistants to help them make balanced, healthy choices from the excellent range of fresh food available. School dinner menus are always available on the school website and in the reception area.

 At the end of the school day the children from Elm and Acorn are escorted to their bus line by an adult. Children being collected by a parent or carer, or going to the after school club, go to Acorn class where Miss Larcombe will ensure they only leave the premises with a designated adult.

It is vitally important that you notify us of any changes to your child’s usual routine in writing; on a note, in their home/school reading record book, or by phone. The end of the day is a very busy and confusing time so if there are any changes having it in writing it makes things much easier. Please don’t rely on your child passing on a message about this, as they tend to get confused about times and days.

The home/school reading record book is an easy way to maintain communication between home and school. If you have any worries or concerns, or would like to arrange a meeting then please do so through this book. This book could also be used to celebrate something fantastic that your child has done at home. The book, together with any reading books and reading folder needs to be sent into school every day please.



To begin with, the school day will be structured very much like a foundation stage classroom with more formal learning taking place in the mornings and opportunities for learning through child initiated learning in the afternoon. We will have a daily phonics session and will be undertaking Guided Reading at least 3 times a week. It is very important that the children continue to read and share books at home with an adult. A little and often will ensure continued progress. When you do read with your child please comment and sign the reading record book. School books need to be kept in their book bags in order for us to change them, so please make sure these come to school daily. On Thursday afternoons Ms James will be teaching RE and Music.


Home learning will take place each half term and will be a topic related, practical activity which you will be able to help your child with. We will celebrate their achievements when the children bring their efforts into school. Reading Response activities be sent home on a Friday and should be returned by the following Thursday. This activity will support your child’s growing understanding of reading. These are not intended to be independent activities and will require adult support. Your child may also bring home phonic flash cards and high frequency word book marks to help support them to become more familiar with phonemes and words they are finding a challenge. We will also have a show and tell rota; this activity will take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Your child will receive a note telling them which day and time their show and tell will be. Please could items only be brought in if it’s your show and tell day. It can be very disheartening if children bring in things to show and we don’t have time for them to do so. Support your child in their choice of topic help them rehearse at home before the event.

 We have P.E several times each week, so please could you make sure that your child’s P.E kit is clearly labelled and still fits. A lot of them will have had a growth spurt over the summer! P.E kits need to be kept in school at all times. Children are also expected to be able to change independently by the time they reach Elm class. So some practice might be needed. The children will need their swimming kits in school each day as they will continue to have timetabled slots in the school pool. It would be great if a pair of flip flops could be added to their swimming kits as their shoes often get wet on the return journey from the pool to the classroom. If you could provide them with a snack of some kind to share afterwards (a packet of biscuits would be ideal) I believe they would appreciate that very much!


Washing hands

Washing hands!

We are still implementing learning through the Creative Curriculum.


In Year 1 we will be taking influences from both the Early Years Foundation Stage and the New Curriculum to create a skills-based approach to learning. Phonics will remain an important skill which is practised daily. We will recap the letters and sounds learnt in Acorn class and begin to introduce some of the more difficult vowel blends. We will also learn how to read and spell some of the tricky words that can not be ‘sounded out’. Any support you could give at home to reinforce this knowledge would benefit your child greatly. We will still refer to letters by their sounds and have begun to use the letter name and link them to lower and upper case. It is important that the children know the names of the letters and what capitals look like.

There may also be days in which children will bring home story books or library books. The children may not be able to read these independently so this is a chance for you to model reading and storytelling to them and also talk about story structure.

Playing board games and simple card games will help support your child’s understanding and recognition of number.


Other school bits!

 We can not stress enough how important it is for everything your child owns to have their name on…in permanent marker please! Unnamed jumpers end up in lost property and often don’t find their way back to their owner.

In September, whilst the weather is still warm, children may need clearly labelled sun hats and sun cream in school. As the weather starts to become colder, they will need waterproof, thicker coats with hoods, gloves, winter hats and scarves. We have a lot of weather here in Upton Noble and what appears to be a balmy autumnal breeze at home can become an Artic gale here.

If your child has any specific medical or additional needs then this needs to be made known to the class teacher. If your child has been vomiting they will need to stay home for 48 hours from the last time they were sick and the school office needs to be notified.

Head lice are a huge problem, so please could you check your child’s hair regularly. It just takes one parent to fail to bug bust to ensure the cycle continues. It is a persistent problem in schools and it requires your full co-operation and dedication to ensure they are eradicated!

If you have any queries or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me by letter, phone, or in person.

Mrs Patterson.

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