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Beech (Yr 4)

Welcome to Beech Class

& Year 4.

I am looking forward to an exciting year teaching & getting to know your child. To help ease some of changes and worries that you or your child may be having, here is some information you may find useful.



There will be a timetable on the board each day, displaying the day’s activities. Children should stay outside on the playground until the classroom door opens at 8.50. The children may come into class to hang their bags in the cloak room then return to the playground until the whistle goes at 9.00. No child should enter the school through the main entrance or be in class until they have permission to do so.


English and Maths are taught daily either as discrete lessons or as part of our whole school creative topic, this will include many other subjects.
Every morning between 9am and 9.30am there will be a spelling session, so it is important that all children are in school on time so they do not miss anything.
Guided reading will also take place every week.
We will have P.E. twice a week so please can named P.E. kits be in school all week as the days we do it on may change. P.E. kits need to consist of dark shorts/bottoms and a red t-shirt as well as trainers.
When the swimming pool is open during the warmer months it is important that your child has their swimming kit in school every day.
Each class will have allocated ‘outside time’ each week so in addition to P.E. kits, it will be helpful if you child could have some waterproof clothing & wellies in school, especially during the winter months.
Mrs Pritchard teaches the class French once a week.

Curriculum and Groupings


Children will be grouped according to their attainment in Maths, English & Reading - groups will be fluid and may change on a daily basis. Maths & English will also be taught through the creative theme as much as possible.

Spellings will be studied most mornings and on Friday the children work in groups to decide the spellings they need to learn over the weekend for a spelling test the following Friday. The children will have written the spellings, they need to practice over the weekend, in their home learning diaries. There are also key words that the children need to know. This list is to be worked throughout year 4 and may be part of their home learning, this is to encourage the children to learn the spellings so they are in their long term memory, rather than short.

Reading in year 4 is still about reading fluently and as often as possible, however we will also begin to concentrate on reading comprehension now they are progressing through KS2 as this is a vital part of their reading progress. Each child will be given a reading book from school.

Children will be encouraged to be independent learners as much as possible in all areas and start to take on more responsibility for themselves and their learning.

More is expected of the children this year and each child will have individual, group and class targets in English and Maths. I have high expectations of behaviour and manners, which will be rewarded in a variety of ways including house points and golden time.


Maths home learning will be given out as appropriate to support and reinforce the learning taking place in class.  Additional pieces of home learning may also be given out as well, this is generally English or sometimes a longer term project linked to our topic. Home learning also includes reading at least 5 times a week and continually working on their spellings.

PE kits, bags, all uniform and drink bottles must be clearly named. It will be the children’s responsibility to look after and remember their belongings as and when they need them.

Reading books & home learning diaries will be needed everyday. It will be part of the child’s responsibility to ensure that their diary is kept up to date and brought into school/taken home each day. If your child loses their diary, it is expected that they will replace it with another suitable book to write the required information in.

Extra-curricular clubs

Take place after school from 3.40pm-4.30pm – please let us know if you child cannot attend. If attending a club it is expected that your child shows commitment throughout its duration.
If for any reason transport patterns change you must inform me or school via a note or phone call.


In person – ideally after school.
By phone - please leave a message.
Through a letter or a message in your child’s homework diary.

Out of school support

Please sign the home learning diary at least once a week, commenting on reading, home learning and anything else you feel is necessary for me to know.
Encourage your child to read a variety of texts and as much as possible. Question your child about what they have read, learn spellings and times tables and give as many ‘real life experiences’ as possible to enrich your child’s learning.

Thank you for your support,


Zac Cambourne



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PDF iconClick here to see an overview of the topic for Beech Class this term. 



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Mr Cambourne

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