Upton Noble Church CEVC Primary School

Upton Noble Primary School

Who's who

       Executive Headteacher

          Mrs Rhiannon Tidby


 Head of School
Miss Emma-Louise James

Miss James

Class Teachers


Acorn Class – Reception

Miss Laura Larcombe

Miss Larcombe

Elm Class
Year 1

Mrs Emma Hamilton

Willow Class
Year 2

   Miss Martha Bryant 


Mrs Kelly-Ann Hambleton

Mrs Hambleton

Ash Class
Year 3

Miss Chynna Norris


Beech Class

Year 4


Mrs Natalie King


Sycamore Class
Year 5

Mrs Anna Baker

Maple Class
Year 6

Deputy Head of School

Mr Zac Cambourne



Miss Luisa Richardson

Mrs Mary Pritchard

Mrs Pritchard

Mrs Rachel Rogers

Mrs Rogers


Miss Rebecca Lane

Miss Lane

Mrs Helen Saxton

Mrs Saxton

Mrs Fiona Orr 

Mrs Orr

Mrs Sally Chandler

Mrs Chandler

Mr Chris Lewis 

Mr Lewis

           Mrs Linda Harris


Mrs Hannah Feltham

Mrs Feltham 

Miss Abi Castle

Mrs Irvine






Support Staff

Mrs Lyn Clements

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Janet Jeffery

Catering Manager

Mrs Kirstie Meeker

Admin Assistant/Receptionist

Mrs Tracey Pole

Lunchtime Supervisor / Cleaner

Mrs Fiona Orr

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Debbie Perry

Catering Manager / Caretaker

Mrs Shula Sadler

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Rachel Rogers

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Thelma Hartnell

Mrs Hartnell 

Business Manager